Tuesday, July 25, 2006

~:I N K E D • W I T:~

We had another great day out here in the PC Dunwoody campus. Started out the day with Calligraphy and ended with Promotion Design. Two very sharp groups of students. The morning group arrived with bagels. Thank you! We presented concepts first and then moved on to calligraphy demonstrations and tacking those gorgeous copperplate capitals. Take a look at these close up photos of everyone's work.They're all catching on FIZAST! Dave got extra points for matching his layouts. Larry bonded with Bjorn, who camped out on him for a mid-morning nap.

Mary began forming whole words out of the beautiful letters we're mastering. Interesting choices she made. I've got 2 questions, though. What is a Penis Wagon and who is Richard? Her anonymous commenter, perhaps?

In the afternoon we had a delightful discussion in Promotion Design about apple and technology and all that comes with it - more importantly all that doesn't and should come with it. We bounced around a bunch of killer ideas. On a lighter note, take a closer look at the pink photo collage up top. What's up with Boris's sketchbook cover? {grin}



Mary Campbell said...

To answer your very astute question as to what a "penis wagon" is...well, I'm not sure. Let's just call that a happy accident experimenting with the letter "P." Actually, the words that were supposed to go together were "Richard" and "Head." That is a phrase that my father created when I was in high school.

One day I was on the phone with a friend and, allegedly, referenced a male acquaintance of mine as a "dick head." My mother overheard the conversation and was too horrified to address the "language problem" with me and, therefore, put my father on it. Being the prudent, proper man that he is, my dad wouldn't ask me why I called someone a dick head. Hence, the term, Richard Head was born.

Clearly, that experience did not have a lasting affect on my language.

Nancy said...

I do love reading this blog. It allows me to me a nosey mother without looking like "Raymond's" mom.

It looks like everyone is enjoying the new "professor's seminar" personality of your class;
Dog in the lap, making brownies, sitting on the floor. Looks very cozy.

Thank you everyone for helping her and contributing to the health of "Bimp"

mother nancy

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, that answers the question: "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."

Anne Elser said...

tania - do you mean Penis Wagons?

help me here

minus five said...

i'm with you, anne. i have no idea what anyone is even talking about. tell boris that his sketchbook is cool and his name is even cooler.

k said...

what a freaking LUCKY bunch of peops to take calligraphy from YOU!! i want to enroll in online classes please. thanks.

Anne Elser said...

K - get an isight camera and join us!

Hi Kristen. I'll be taking NEXT quarter off, but should be teaching calligraphy again the following quarter when I return. Glad you're enjoying PC Dunwoody.

Rose! Nearly half of my wedding photos were of my eyes closed. I think that's how I like to laugh.