Friday, July 14, 2006

Ah ha! Presenting ANOTHER panoramic shot of my room. You know, if I kept this up, I could have a one man show at the High. This is getting ridiculous.

So here we have Jason and Ian, who came to bring me lunch and movies today. Very kind of both of them, especially considering that Jason himself is a new Dad, Ian himself is a new person and Jason's busy trying to get his final book made and finished in time for graduation. Busy doesn't even cover it. So I thank you for coming to see me. I know what kind of sacrifice that took.

My next door neighbor Tom brought up some ice water for me. He's there at the ring of the phone. Really nice guy.

Been threatening rain all day, but nada. At least it's a bit cooler upstairs for me - BjornMouse has camped out with me and is now sleeping in a new favorite spot of his - the white chair. You can see him in 2 spots in the picture. Crazy how that happens.

Today I have decided to show my foot. And that's all. Notice how it's not all swollen. That's because I don't use my feet any more. Heh.


Jason said...

We had a good time and were glad to be of service.

Anne Elser said...

I'm so glad, Jason. Make sure to tell Ian I was super impressed with him.