Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snippets of Everyday Life

Announcing the new logo for my cousin Barb's photography business, Snippets of Everyday Life. This mark conveys her keen eye, creativity, warmth, rich color palette, working style and her ability to capture the same in her subjects.

The camera is an amazing machine and we all have one. But there's nothing like having the beating heart of an artist behind the lens with the skill to retouch and kiss a printed portrait. THAT's why you'd hire her.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Flora is here. She's all girl, all woman, a virgin, a hungry lover, she's a mother, a baker, she sews, and she is brave. She cries. She's very busy. She's always ovulating.

Flora's got great curves and hands that can make anything. She knows how to whisper. She's learning to scream. Flora would like to tell KD to go fuck himself.

Flora always accepts dessert. She has pretty underwear. She sees herself everywhere. Flora never learned her times tables. She learned how to say no before she said yes.

Flora is waiting for a white dog named Inga. Flora has cramps. Flora loves looking in the mirror. You are her mirror. She likes what she sees.

Flora thinks penises look cute until they get big and then, wow - she just doesn't know what to say. Flora has a beautiful ass. Flora bit all ten of her nails off before finishing the first of this series. And then she was fine. More than fine.

Flora will see you April 15th, 2011 at Kai Lin Art.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flora in Green Stockings

First piece in my flora series to be hung at the Kai Lin Art Gallery in April. I chewed all 10 of my nails off getting her here.

Think she's worth it.

Barbara Calzolari is Coming To Binders This Summer!

Earth-shaking news here for all of you inkers out there, of which I am one: Barbara Calzolari is coming to Atlanta this summer for a lecture and three-day workshop at Binders! More details soon as Binders releases them about specific dates, times and the processes she'll be exploring.

Last summer I took her Fractur workshop from the lovely FOTA Atlanta Calligraphy Guild and I can tell you she is amazing and her point of view is comes from a place of love, intention and movement. Probably movement being at the top of that list. She describes what she calls a "living letter" having a stem from which the flourish begins. I just love this metaphor. We all have a stem. And letters are but portraits of each of us.

Take a look at her site with all kinds of inspiring goodness. I am so excited I could burst. This will fill up fast - so when you hear word - sign up ASAP! This workshop will be exciting and new - a nod to the past with a contemporary bend - just like she is. And I swear - that's all I know. I am soooooo excited!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wedding Table Chart Display: Three Wedding Gifts in One

Introducing a new product from Anne Elser Calligraphy.

1. A table chart display.
This is printed poster size and can be framed and displayed at the entrance of your wedding reception dining room. Your guests will then find it easier to find their table. No escort card is needed. Your lovely table cards will already be placed.

2. The center of this piece is grounded with the couple's monogram and wedding date. The monogram can be used to print thank you cards, labels, rubber stamps, stationary and more. The date can be left off if you wish to give longevity to your monogram.

3. Also with this piece come table number cards. They can be adapted to fit any size table number card you wish, vertical or horizontal.

And I don't need to tell you how much fun this bride was to work with. All the fun and flirty calligraphy was inspired by her.

Thank you Liz!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bookbinding Class Praise

Anne Elser Bookbinding Classes:

"I recently participated in Anne Elser’s Bookmaking II – The Opened Book.
After taking several bookmaking classes with Anne, and making a number of blank books on my own, I was eager to create structures with something more inside. I felt initially intimidated by the notion, and had some reluctance to take the next step. Anne inspired me by presenting many suggestions for ways to enhance those pristine pages. Her generosity with her knowledge and ideas is one of the many things I love and admire about Anne.

The atmosphere in the sessions was relaxed, informal and supportive. I always felt very free to try out my own ideas and incorporate materials of my own choosing.

Anne offered helpful suggestions if I was stumped by a technical or artistic problem. In addition to the creative stimulation of her classes, there is always a good dose of laughter and fun. I would encourage anyone who is interested in bookmaking to try one of Anne’s workshops or classes."

~Donna Horn

"If you must take up bookbinding, start with a class conducted by Anne Elser. I took Bookbinding I at Binders, where the atmosphere was relaxed, materials needed were readily available as was the instructor's guidance. Anne is a gentle, encouraging teacher. She shares her expertise in a way that makes the student feel expanded, not constricted. I highly recommend her as an instructor in the art of making books."
~Kathleen D. Herndon

Calligraphy & Bookmaking Instructor

Binders Art Supply

“Anne is a great person to work with. She really knows what she is talking about and is an amazing artist.” June 16, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Stuart Shapiro,
hired Anne as a Instructor in 2008

“Anne is an excellent instructor in both calligraphy and bookmaking. She is able to teach students at their individual skill levels, making the classes interesting and challenging. She helps those she instructs to develop their own creativity.” April 12, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Donna Horn,
hired Anne as a instructor in 2009, and hired Anne more than once

Calligraphy Class Praise

Testimonials: Anne Elser Calligraphy Classes:

"When I started your class I wanted to learn how to do calligraphy and do it perfectly. I was so tense and obsessed with getting it right that I actually broke out and was completely exhausted from holding my pen so tight. This was pressure I was putting on myself and it made me upset that I couldn't relax and just enjoy the process.

A couple of classes in, you started talking about how it was ok to make mistakes and that everyone had their own way, their own gift. Don't know why, but my fear went away and something started flowing out of me! There was an ease that I didn't have before. I gave myself permission to make mistakes and still see the beauty in it.

Thank you. Thank you so very much! Your work and your words truly made an impact.

Calligraphy is now therapeutic for me and such a joy!

I look forward to another class in the future. Take care and happy doodling."
~Shanda Strickland

Hi, Anne.

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful introduction to calligraphy.

Hopefully my girls will try a class in the future. I picked up a Lamy pen at Artlite (one of my favorite places in Atlanta for years....I have been following them every time they change locations always hoping that they will forever remain in business)

Calligraphy is such a wonderful art form. I hope you enjoy this beautiful spring we are having and will look forward to trying to take another class later this year if you are teaching one.

"In 2009, though a little nervous about the experience, I showed up to Anne's intro to italic calligraphy (i think that was the name - change the name if you need) at Binder's. I signed up right after a bad break up. I was seeking to escape my thoughts but also to better myself by learning a new skill I'd always been interested in. I found calligraphy to bring me into the moment and be very meditative. Once Anne taught us the the letters, I was able to get out my frustrations about the break up through song lyrics or whatever words I needed to use that day. I enjoyed the class so much, I signed up for the intro to copperplate calligraphy. I was no longer practicing this art for a specific reason, but for the sheer joy, relaxation, and focus it provided. Just a month later, I did a friend's wedding invitations. And now I make all of my own greeting cards! Anne was the perfect teacher -- She was patient, understanding, comical, helpful, and encouraging. I'd recommend her class to anyone! If I hadn't taken that first step of signing up and showing up to that first class, I would have never experienced all of the joys calligraphy has offered me."


“Anne is a great person to work with. She really knows what she is talking about and is an amazing artist.”
~Stuart Shapiro

"Thanks Anne for a great first class! I really enjoyed it and I'm so excited about learning from an amazing artist such as yourself." ~Anonymous

"Thanks so much for all of the great links, and especially for the wonderful class last night. I didn't quite know what to expect before I came to the class, but I absolutely loved it! It was very relaxing to me and FUN :-). I'm already looking forward to practicing this week and class next week." ~Anonymous

"Thank you for a great class. I can tell you enjoy what you do. Your work is beautiful and I have recommended calligraphy classes to some of my friends / family. Will look forward to the next class." ~Anonymous

“Anne is an excellent instructor in both calligraphy and bookmaking. She is able to teach students at their individual skill levels, making the classes interesting and challenging. She helps those she instructs to develop their own creativity.April 12, 2009

Wedding Monogram

Here's a recent monogram done in upright contemporary copperplate. Lots of flourishes, beads and one tiny happy heart. :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

I recently did a custom monogrammed hand made journal for a friend. This is a journal for a guy, (initials MP) who loves Keats. See the quote in copperplate on the inside left cover. A really fun job to collaborate on. Client met me at Binders, where we picked out the papers together. Book is tape bound, nested in a telescoping box and the monograms are painted with FW acrylic inks. Sweet!

Client Praise

Hiring Anne Elser

“I met Anne when we both worked at The Partnership, an Atlanta-based advertising agency. I worked with her everyday and it didn’t take me long to realize that Anne is an absolute creative genius. Everything she touches is imbued with her intellect, wit and passion. If you have the chance to work with or learn from Anne—take it, take it, take it! You will be in awe of her warmth and talent and the impact she makes on you will resonate for a very long time.” April 8, 2009

Ashlee Gardner, Account Executive, The Partnership, Inc.
worked directly with Anne at Anne Elser Design

“Anne is a tremendous designer, educator and mentor for me. I have worked with her at the Portfolio Center and her students adore her for her dedication and insight. I have also hired Anne for her Calligraphy work. She is so talented and an absolute delight to work with.” April 8, 2009

Angela Moland, Instructor, Portfolio Center
worked directly with Anne at Anne Elser Design

“Anne's work is amazing. I have never seen Calligraphy better than Anne's! I recieved so many comments about how nice it was on my wedding invitations. Her work is on time and excellent. I highly recommend her!” April 8, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Naomi Klidjian,
hired Anne as a Calligraphy in 2007


The Partnership

“Anne is the most fabulously talented person I have had the honor to work with in my career. She creates beauty and intrigue and never fails to suprise you with her thought and heart.
Anne is also a delightful person to be with and work with. A great sense of humor and great work ethic. Hire her immediately. I did.” May 1, 2009

David Arnold, President, The Partnership Inc.
managed Anne at The Partnership

Monday, February 07, 2011

Praise For Anne as a Portfolio Center Instructor

Graduate Graphic Design classes at Portfolio Center:

“Anne was one of my favorite teachers at the Portfolio Center. I was lucky enough to have her for four of my classes, each of which provided me with skills that I use daily. She's passionate, knowledgeable, and sincere and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to work so closely with her!” October 15, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Lauren Jung,
hired Anne as a graphic design instructor in 2008, and hired Anne more than once

“Anne is a wonderful instructor and talented artist. She instills in her students a passion for strong concepting and boundary breaking creativity. Her example is truly a source of inspiration. She persistently challenged me to take my ideas to furthest, in both thought and execution, and also emphasized the value of a strong work ethic. I enjoyed her classes, and looked forward to the many different perspectives and dialogues that would arise from them. She is easy to work with and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her skills in calligraphy never cease to amaze me.” August 31, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Jenny Garrett,
hired Anne as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2005

“Anne was an excellent instructor that brought her passion and excitement to each and every class. She was great at pushing our creative thinking as well as teaching us important technical skills that have helped me in my everyday design work.

*Her calligraphy and book making skills are awesome!!” June 4, 2009

Ben Krantz, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne's work is so beautiful and amazing. From books to boxes to calligraphy, she can do it all. If you don't love her, you might need to check your pulse.” June 1, 2009

Sarah Coffman, Designer/Art Director, Minus Five
was with another company when working with Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne is a wonderful teacher and beautiful person to know. She is a tremendous artist and pulls amazing things from her students.” May 27, 2009

Jessica Sutton, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne has an amazing gift for being able to pull ideas out that you may not have otherwise realized were there...her process as an instructor, geared towards personal exploration and hands-on (literally) expression, give more technologically inclined folks a way to play with calligraphy and ink, to get messy and create things straight from imagination. She's very passionate about getting the best out of everyone, never settling for anything less, and the fact that she takes an active interest in the students work helps to ensure that she gets awesome work from them. She's a truly great teacher, no two ways about it.” May 23, 2009

Witt Irion Langstaff, III, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne Elser is one of the most amazingly creative people I've ever known. Her holistic, emotive approach to her work and her teaching is a rare gift, and has inspired hundreds of her students to think differently and design in new, innovative ways. She is also an expert in hand-crafts, from bookmaking to beautiful calligraphy and hand-type. Anne is a true, unique designer and an excellent teacher.” May 4, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Kyle Thompson,
hired Anne as a teacher in 2007, and hired Anne more than once

“Anne is a passionate and dedicated teacher. She works with each student in an effort to bring out his best work. What I enjoyed most about Anne was her willingness to let students explore in their design process, take risks and make mistakes. In the process of her class, you learn how to bring an emotion, whether strong or faint, to your work so that people can relate to it and find a piece of them in what you are communicating. The work that I did in Anne's class is some of my favorite work, even if one project is about shoes, and truly work that others notice and comment on.” May 4, 2009

Jessica Sudalnik, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne is a wonderful teacher, designer and mentor. She pours her immense creativity and passion for design into each student with whom she works. Everyone receives personal attention and a chance to share in Anne's inspiration. Her own personal work is extraordinary as well.” April 23, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Penny Cannon,
hired Anne as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2006

“Anne is a teacher that forces you out of your comfort zone which is where your best work happens. Her two passions are teaching and design and it comes out when you are in her classes. It was a shame I only had her in one class during my time at Portfolio Center because she really gets you to think in a different light. I highly recommend Anne as a teacher and as a designer.” April 22, 2009

Tyler Schultz, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“To quote the oft initialed item on the Anne Elser Course Contractual Agreement:

"Anne is smart and sexy and I wish I were just like her."

Anne is very talented and knows how to pull the soul of a subject close to the surface making her work invaluable communication pieces. She can take even the most complex challenges and turn them into the most beautiful and hardest working pieces.

As a student I came out of her class with a greater understanding of how to communicate the world around me and insert human qualities into my work that enable people to have more personal connections with the pieces I create and ultimately the brands I create for.” April 20, 2009

Hank Trefethen, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne's strength is in helping you express your true self in a way that is focused, creative, and engaging. Her attention to detail and hand crafting skills are top notch as well.” April 15, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Herbert Bacchus,
hired Anne as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2007, and hired Anne more than once

“I was very fortunate to have Anne as my instructor several times while attending Portfolio Center. Her approach to teaching design is refreshing and honest. Anne's sense of humor made class fun and entertaining and her serious dedication to her students pushed them to produce their best work. Anne has taught me invaluable design skills as well as a unique way of thinking and problem solving that will be of great advantage to me in my future design career.” April 14, 2009

Grace Poser, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“I've had the pleasure of knowing Anne Elser for over two years, as my teacher and then friend. In the whirlwind that is graduate quarter at Portfolio Center, I hired Anne to bind a book for me; it came out so impeccably perfect that I had her make second one! Anne is a deeply creative person, passionate about her work and life. She loves to laugh and I think she truly enjoys what she does. Anyone would enjoy working with her!” April 13, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Anna Shypailo,
hired Anne as a Book binder in 2009, and hired Anne more than once

“Anne has undoubtedly been one of the most unforgettable and inspiring teachers that I have had at Portfolio Center. While she clearly has a natural born talent for design, she carries those same qualities of patience, engagement and love that uses in her design into her teaching and motivates us all to be better thinkers and designers. Since being around her, I've learned to put more of myself in my work and be ok with communicating messages that are important to me. For that I will always be grateful.” April 11, 2009

Lynnette Galloway, Student, Portfolio Center
worked directly with Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne teaches her students to be honest in their work and to really push themselves–from conceptual development to final execution and everything in between. Her calligraphy and book-binding work is exceptional; her ability to inspire her students is extraordinary. She is the type of teacher you want to work hard for.” April 11, 2009

Abby Brewster, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne is a born teacher and artist. She always has the patience and drive to help pull the best possible work out of her students, even when we might be frustrated. I really appreciated her commitment to helping students learn not only about design, but about ourselves as well. Anne teaches students to integrate a human quality and our own personality into our work, helping it to be smart, thoughtful, and unique.” April 10, 2009

Julie Rado, Student, Portfolio Center
worked directly with Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne is a truly inspiring teacher who gives her all to her classes and her students. She is a superb designer with a deep understanding of color, form, composition and production. She is the most giving and caring teacher I know. Anne is also the finest craftsman I know and has the ability to teach these invaluable skills to her students. As you can tell, I think the world of Anne. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.” April 10, 2009

Melissa Kuperminc, Instructor and Counsel, The Portfolio Center
worked directly with Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Ann has consistently demonstrated an expertise in hand drawn type. Her guidance and feedback were invaluable in helping me finalize several logos last year. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for unique typographic expertise.” April 9, 2009

Jimmy Stones, Designer & Art Director, Jimmy Stones Design
worked directly with Anne at The Portfolio Center

“I have taken two classes with Anne at The Portfolio Center. Her friendly and professional attitude created a positive work environment where students were influenced to grow in both creativity and accountability. In the class "Holy Hand" Anne taught us ways to make our work personal, while also communicating a universal message. She adheres to a strict timeline in class that is especially helpful to those of us who struggle with time management. Take her class.” April 8, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Elizabeth Haywood,
hired Anne as a Teacher in 2008

“Teachers teach more by being what they are than what they say. For me, learning from Anne wasn't just about critique times, but the time that she takes to show her students how to be great designers. She takes the time to really listen to her students, and push them in the right direction on their projects, whatever that may be. I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to learn from her. She always helped to inspire me, and helped me to become a better designer.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” —William Arthur Ward” April 8, 2009

Audrey Campbell, student, Portfolio Center
worked indirectly for Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne Elser was certainly one of the most creative and inspiring teachers I had while I was a student at Portfolio Center. As a designer, her work is intuitive and playful, and as an instructor, Anne was structured and relevant. This great balance is reflected in her work.” April 8, 2009

Raymond Forbes, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne is amazing. As my teacher/friend/mentor at Portfolio Center she always took ideas to the next level. Besides her natural talent in calligraphy, book making, crafts and anything she touches, her true skill is teaching. Within my first few quarters, she broke the chains surrounding my previous beliefs of what design was "supposed to be" and made it personable, passionate and raw. She showed me the power of visible emotion in communicating a story to an audience. Thanks so much Anne for all your time and sincerity, and I'm so proud of what you have accomplished.” April 8, 2009

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Jennifer Graham,
hired Anne as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2007, and hired Anne more than once

“I have always thought Anne somehow got more than twenty-four hours in each day -- not only is she creative, but prolific as well! Because she does so much hand work, graphics or otherwise, she has a very sharp eye for detail. Every bit of her work is thoughtful and provocative, whether that be on a conscious or subconscious level. I am so glad I got to work with Anne and be a part of her creative process.” April 8, 2009

Robert Griffin, Student, Portfolio Center
was with another company when working with Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne has the ability & passion to open paths otherwise unimagined, with the grace of not only staying out of the way of a budding creative, but of ensuring said creative stays out of their own way. It was a pleasure to share the light of her teaching and I am far better for it.” April 7, 2009

Kevin M. Scarbrough, Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

“Anne's work speaks for itself, it is simply amazing and inspiring. So, it comes as no surprise that this translates directly into her talents as an instructor. She is patient, understanding, and engaging but also pushes her students and expects great work from them. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had and it is my pleasure to recommend her.” April 7, 2009

Christine Clayton, Graphic Design Student, Portfolio Center
reported to Anne at The Portfolio Center

Sunday, February 06, 2011


I think I may have overdone this one, but still - it's fun to see the wheat flourishes reproduce.
The music is from the very recent Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (when Lizzie and Mr. Darcy meet early in the morning in a beautiful field.). A piece called Liz on Top of the World by Jean-Yves Thibaudet.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Boxed in red.

The framing of Mia's monogram couldn't have turned out better. Artwork framed inside a 5 x 7 box frame with a red ribbon trim underneath is sweet! This stands by itself on a bookshelf or mantel nicely and can be hung on the wall.