Monday, June 30, 2014

West Elm Wedding Registry Launch

Some recent photos taken at my latest wedding gig with the wonderful folks and vendors at West Elm.

Friday, June 06, 2014

New Calligraphy 4 class coming this Summer 2014 at Binders!

Hello Inkers.

Guess what?! I've created a new Calligraphy class designed for students who've taken my advanced projects class Calligraphy 3. 

This class will be taught at Binders and takes place this summer in July on Thursday afternoons. If you're unable to take it during the day, don't worry. We'll be offering it again as a Tuesday or Wednesday night evening class at Binders in 2015. 

Calligraphy 4 was created for those who want to apply the layout and lettering skills learned in Calligraphy 3, onto alternative surfaces, textures and with a variety of tools and mediums. 

Projects Included: 
Hand Lettering: using different fonts to intermix with your calligraphy. Balance, expression, and variety - the letters you’ve been making all your life can work beautifully with your calligraphy. Discover double-lining your letters and pimping the downstroke as well as lettering the same quote in different styles and using a tracing technique to build a complex arrangement of different lettering styles into one cohesive collage. 
Envelopes: Literally pushing the possibilities of envelope design. Deconstructing existing formats to create a unique space for your custom message, flaps, folds, liners, windows and reveals. 
Handkerchiefs: Lettering on fabric with permanent fabric paint.
Chalkboard Paint: Smudge-proof, forgiving and colorful, Liquid Chalkboard markers are sexier than you think. 
Idea to Finished Product: We’ll discuss and put into practice the process of creating a finished product for a specific audience with appropriate tools. The creative process is more fun than you might think!
Brush Lettering: Whether painting on a person, paper, fabric, wood, leather, or canvas, you’ll learn to brush with confidence with some standard practice strokes and different techniques for painting a live letter vs. a sketched letter. 

Detailed Supply Lists will be given after first class and before each project. Supplies to bring to first class are pencil, calligraphy pens, ink, ruler, scissors, glue, tape, and transparent maker paper.