Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cursive Crush Calligraphy Workshop Next Weekend, September 3rd & 4th, 2016

Dear Friend,

Break up with your smartphones and start dating your hands again. They miss you, and they miss the kiss of ink on paper, the smooth glide of a rolling ball across the page, the slender neck of a pen barrel held gently with your fingertips, the oh-so-loving way that real things in real hands calm your mind, soothe your spirit, and rock your body.

You are hungry for a tactile experience and I am, too; the experience of knowing you and sitting together next weekend for TWO WHOLE DAYS OF FUN at my Cursive Crush workshop at Binders, Ponce City Market from 11-4:30: Sep 3rd & 4th.

Sign up here at Binders new signup portal. Create an account and log right in to sign up for the course. Supply list and links to materials can be found at the binders site, and you may always contact me with questions regarding the class or your calligraphic journey. 

Happy inking!


Location: Ponce City Market Binders
Description: The speed of digital communication today has gifted us with more time to pursue things we love. But somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten how good it feels to use a writing instrument to record our thoughts for ourselves and to those we love. Writing, and the time it takes to produce letterforms, is good for the body, mind, and spirit. It is also a gift to the recipient, who holds your elevated thoughts in their hands, literally, and with far more consideration and pause than through a text or email. 
 The child of Spencerian calligraphy, Cursive Handwriting is not forgotten, because we have made a table for you to come join us in two fun and joyous days of lettering. Students will learn (or re-learn!) capitals and lower case letterforms, through formal exercises in structure, rhythm and flow - all standards similar to those taught not that long ago. 
 Day one is spent on spacing and lower case characters. Day two we’ll dance with capitals and dive right into an envelope addressing/letter writing project. Both days we’ll take an hour break for lunch. 
This workshop is suitable for calligraphers, tweens, and all adults. 
• Bienfang Graphics 360 9''x12'' Marker Pad
or Borden & Riley 9’’x12’’ 100s Smooth Cotton Comp Pad
• Rhodia Lined No 18 Pad

• Pentel Slicci 025 pen
• Pentel Hybrid Technica pen
These pens come in a variety of thicknesses. You’ll want to have variety and choose something that writes very fine like the Slicci and have a slightly thicker width pen to see what feels right for you. 
• Your favorite/preferred pens from home. Can be fine or medium point. Ballpoint, rollerball, gel pens, etc. All are welcome and suitable for this class.

• Envelopes and stationary paper at least 5-10 envelopes/sheets 
• Feel free to bring in embellishments like stickers and stamps!


• Mechanical Pencil
• Eraser
• Metal ruler
• Xacto Blades/knife
• Self-healing cutting mat (or the back of a pad of paper)