Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sarah & Luke Monogram Finished!

Here's another wedding monogram - this time for my side of the family. My cousin Lucas is getting married this weekend. Their lovely invitation in blue, white and red inspired my palette and floral accents. Here's the original sketch.

I used round sable brushes with FW Liquid Acrylic inks atop a very thin wash of blue over a cradled board. This piece can hang on the wall or stand by itself on a flat surface such as a bookshelf or table.

Congratulations Sarah and Luke!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Two new seats open for Wednesday Night's Copperplate Class

Hi friends,

Since creating a new calligraphy class, we've had two seats open back up for the Wednesday night class that begins next week on July 6th.

Calligraphy 2: Copperplate (EVE) Wednesdays, 6 sessions|Jul. 6-Aug. 10|6-8:30PM|Sale price for early enrollment: $190, Regular Price: $205|Min. 3/Max.7|Location: Binders Art Supply 2 seats left.

If you're interested in signing up, please contact

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sarah and Luke Wedding Monogram Sketch

Yet another wedding gift for an event this weekend. Sarah and Lucas are getting married. Their invitation was in blue and red and white with black text. Going to have fun with this one which will include little red and white flowers.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished Wedding Monogram

Aaaannnnnnnd here's the final. Tomorrow Doug and Anton drive up to deliver her to the wedding.

Painted with FW acrylic inks, round sable brushes on a slightly textured cradled board surface atop an inky wash.

Color palette was in response to their Save The Date and of course, I could not ignore the suggested palette of the beautiful family name Sterling.

New Wedding Monogram

Sorry I've been away so long, friends. We've moved to a new area of Atlanta (Decatur) to be closer to Anton's new school - which begins in a month! Most of what we have has been unpacked and I have begun working again. My new studio is kick-ass with more light than ever and french doors that lead out to the patio. Niiiiiiice.

This is my first project in this new room. I'm finishing it up tonight but thought I'd upload the sketch first. Sterling is Doug's cousin who is getting married tomorrow in Augusta.

Happy wedding Katie and Sterling!

New Calligraphy 2: Copperplate Class begins Tuesday next week!

Hello friends!

The Calligraphy classes have been selling out this summer, and our waiting list got large enough to create a new class.

We've just created a new one that's not been advertised on the Binders site.

So far we have 4 people signed up and there are only 3 more seats left!

Here are details:

Calligraphy 2: Copperplate (EVE)
Tuesdays, 6 sessions
Jun. 28-Aug. 2
Price: $205
Min. 3/Max.7
Location: Binders Art Supply

Please e-mail to enroll.

Friday, June 10, 2011

A Walk In The Park

If you're interested in discussing ox gasses, canine art projects and the plastic lined dog poop collection grid, then you will love this new Doug, Talking video post called A Walk In The Park.