Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Letter as Grape Vine

This is a new sketch for a Save The Date I'm currently working into. Delving into the twists and turns of William Morris patterns, I used his manner of bringing plant life to the surface as a breathing art form.

This couple share the same first letter in their last name, so when they told me they wanted a logo of a grape vine and leaves for their wedding materials, I thought it would be smart to combine the letterform with the plant. Theirs will be a destination wedding in a vineyard/flower farm in California.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Address List Guide

Anne Elser Calligraphy Address List Guide

After you've reviewed what kind of etiquette guidelines you wish to follow (here's Crane's link to every etiquette question you can imagine), list and number your addresses as you want them to appear on your envelopes. List them in one column only and centered on the page without any other columns or notes. When numbering, you can put it on top of the address itself, so I know not to include it on the envelope. Numbering your list makes it easier for you and I to refer to a specific address quickly, if needed.
Your job will not begin until the address list is formatted in the manner you wish me to copy them.

My role in your envelope addressing is to provide technically accurate, legible, and aesthetically pleasing envelopes. If there are unmarked columns, unclear directions or handwritten notes in the list you provide me to copy, I must then attempt to interpret through the etiquette filter you have in mind, your intention for each address. My guess is not always accurate and misinterpretations are often made.

So before you provide your list, make sure it's one that I can literally copy word for word and line for line. Spell out words like Northwest, Road, and Street. Make sure the punctuation you provide falls within the etiquette standard you're comfortable with.

E-mail a PDF file of your list or provide a printed copy with your envelopes. If you have both outer and inner envelopes, list the outer first.

Mr. & Mrs. Han Solo
311 Bright Tree Base
Endor Station, Endor


Mr. and Mrs. Solo

Tom and Glenda Headcold

5678 Achoo Lane

Atlanta, Georgia


Tom and Glenda Headcold


The Honorable Padmé Amidala
Mr. Anakin Skywalker
36 Chommell Sector
Theed, Naboo


Ms. Amidala

Mr. Skywalker

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Big C.

Hello Friends,

I have had a glass of wine, so I'll be braver than usual in this post.

If you are wondering why we are wearing pink in this picture, you guessed right - my mom has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I won't tell you what we were doing in the second picture down, but we were feeling frisky and bold and so that's enough details for now. :)

I just bought a copy of Louise Hay's Heal Your Body and accidentally bought two. Mom's getting my second copy. I don't ever want to get breast cancer, so I'm currently devouring Louise's love-infused wisdom and am totally blown away by her story of healing her own cancer. I am also buying a lot of pink things and sending prayers to my mother.

I am sad for my mother - who is robust and wild and loving and very, very funny. It's the quality I love in her most - her willingness to bring on the party. You'll hardly ever hear her say no.

I am thinking that this is a party of a different kind - one where she is gathering her cells together and putting tiny fuzzy pink hats on each one all the while oxygenating her blood through laughter, sleeping and healing and loving her body through this challenge.

I know there are many success stories for people fighting cancer. And I want hers to be one.

My husband Doug and sister-in-law Gloria are running the Chicago marathon this year in honor of Mom's battle with cancer, through the American Cancer Society. They have pledged, through forming "Team Nanny," (that's what her grandchildren call her) to reach their fundraising goal of $10,000.

If you would like to contribute to this story in a positive way through prayers, thoughts or a donation of any amount via this link to the Team Nanny page, all who love Nanny would love it, most especially her.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Loves Me.

Life Loves Us.

And don't you forget it!

Methyl Cellulose & Sobo Glue Mixture

Follow this recipe for a brushable bookbinding glue mixture.

Mix one Tablespoon of Lineco's Methyl Cellulose powder with water. It'll be clumpy. Stir a little and let sit overnight. In the morning it'll be mixable enough to be smooth.
Then mix 3 parts Sobo Glue to 1 part Methyl Cellulose mixture.

If you're using Lineco's Neutral PH Adhesive, use less MC.
Try this ratio: 3.5 parts Neutral PH Adhesive to .5 part Methyl Cellulose mixture.

As you're working, your glue mixture will be continually exposed to air and will get thick and clumpy. Simply add a little of the MC mixture to thin it out again. This works both ways - if your glue is too runny, add more Sobo back in.

My favorite glue containers are the 2 cup Ziploc containers with a blue threaded lid. I put a little square of wax paper in between the lid and base as I close it. That way it's easier to open, when you're ready to work again.

And that's it! I've tried Elmer's glue, but it really isn't as nice. If you're en route and need an easy no-mess replacement, use Acrylic Gel Medium. It works great as a low-moisture adhesive, BUT will dry very quickly on your brush. Keep an eye on it as you're working.


Friday, July 08, 2011

Brush Script Envelope

This inner envelope was done with a round brush and a healthy dose of black flourished ink. Making a statement to your guest that their name is beautiful enough to take up this much space on the page is loving in a dramatically generous way.