Friday, June 30, 2006

~:C O M P A R I S O N:~

Glo, Peter and Mia are in town for the 4th of July weekend. We'll go up to Clayton tomorrow morning. After a yummy tummy-satisfying dinner of ribs, etc., Peter and I compared tummies and took this non-Photoshopped photo. I think he's carrying high, don't you?

Monday, June 26, 2006

~:A S B U R Y * P A R K:~

We are home! Um. Almost. In a hotel actually outside of Durham tonight. Just took a bath and am waiting for Doug to return with dinner. We stayed with Kari and Peter - had a fabulous time. They were incredibly hospitable hosts - very generous. I felt really well taken care of. Went to a concert one night and folks smiled at me. Not every day you see a pregnant lady at a concert. Bimp danced away that night - mostly during the slow songs.

Here's a picture of your chubby preggo at the beach. Shortly after, it rained. But not to worry - we had plenty to do and lots of room to relax. It was blissfull.

Bjorn made a new friend, Joey - their Bearded Collie. He was such a sweetheart. They shared space and food. Took turns playing catch. Very sweet with each other. Bjorn was not happy to leave him this morning. Woke up grumpy and growled his way into the car. Bad doggie.

Asbury Park is on the mend up here. Has a really interesting history, culture and is being revived by a wide range of voices - all of whom have positive energy to share and want to see the community thrive again as it once did. Everywhere you go, you see renovations, restorations, new construction popping up to bloom. Kari and Peter's house was absolutely darling. Incredibly comfortable. They are open-minded, artsy, organized, generous, witty, wise and made us feel right at home. A very smart couple.

Enjoy the photos of our trip here and a silly little video of Bjorn and Joey playing together.

Glad to be back home. I missed you guys!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We are off! Well, officially around 2:00 for da beach. Sorry. Da shore. Staying with Peter and Kari (who are MAC users) so I plan on updating the beelog with ease and in good company. Kari and Peter have a little doggie named Joey, so we're excited about introducing Bjorn to him. Morning walks on the beach are first on our agenda. I am so excited.

This lovely lady belongs on the cover of the book I'll be reading. My friend Ashlee tells me it's addictive and terrifically well written. Perfect beach reading. yay. I've got 2 sweaters and a blanket to knit for Bimp. And good news - my leg rashes are getting much better. Swelling is still down.

Wish us luck on our drive. Sweet Doug made a list of every Hospital on the way up to New Jersey, exits included. Just in case. We are control freaks. Tonight we stay in Virginia. In a 2-star "pet friendly" motel. :) I hope to at least have some great stories for you.

Kisses, all.


Monday, June 19, 2006

~:E M B R O I D E R Y:~

May I brag a little? This is Mia and if you'd like to see even more Mia pictures, click here. Looks like Peter and Glo are taking lots of and fun photos with thier new camera. I am jealous. Anyway - I embroidered a couple of shirts for her birthday. This is one of them. The detail in the work is nothing specail, but I love seeing her wear it. I also can't explain the expression on her face - but that it is darling and quirky in a way that only a 2-year-old can deliver. Looks like she is slowly being talked out of something. Or into. Anyway - yay for Mia!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The latest of my niece Mia. To see more pictures, go here.

~:W E E K * 2 3 * T U M M Y:~

We are up in Clayton this weekend for Doug's first father's day. I gave him a haircut and we're just about to open up pwesents. Oh, happy day. I love him. Have been waited on hand and foot up here - and proof of that is seen in my ankles which used to be cankles (that's terminology from Tania). My legs itch less up here - maybe it has something to do with swelling and stress - I dunno. But putting your feet up as much as you can seems to do the trick.

I am so happy. Da Bimp Page has been updated. Will post more lovely pictures of Doug, Dad, Mom and the doggies when they've been properly edited.

We've been searching for Bimp room furniture - only a few more months before he arrives. Found an incredible 7-piece set of Deco bedroom furniture with orange bakelite handles. Oh my god was that wonderful - and to make it even more hard to bear the thought that I could not have it was that someone got the whole set for $600.00!! Godhelpme. Ah well. There will be something else waiting for us somewhere. We don't want a ruffled, sterile and anemic nursery look for Bimp - rather - deep rich colors that excite and soothe - an extension of who we are as a household. This will be a play room for all of us, BjornMouse included. So it's fun thinking of how this new space will nourish all of us. I can't wait!~

Love to you all,


Thursday, June 15, 2006

An e-mail I got from DougieFresh this afternoon. I'd say he found his special purpose, wouldn't you?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

~:B A D * P U P P Y:~

Bad puppy? Bad mother! This morning I slept until 8:30. Cloudy. A little cooler, yes. But I should have known today was going to start out wretched. I get BjornShit out of his crate and the very second we go downstairs and right before I put the leash on him, at the door, he pees right there on the rug. Little fucker. I BAHHHHED him loudly and we went outside. There was a teensy weensy bit of moisture in the air which means, my friends, that pooping will be difficult. Turd courting, A DougieFresh calls it, is not easy for a finicky toy dog. No poop this morning means back into the crate. We tried again after my shower. No luck then, either. I am at a loss. While away at PC critiquing last night, BjornShit had a blast in the living room, peeing and pooping like there was no tomorrow. I found that this morning. So I am not happy. We had a trainer, (who, quite frankly, I am not happy with) come for a few visits. She's from Bark Busters. $400.00 later we are still in the same mess we were in a year ago. I'm just not cut out for this stuff. I am a bad mother. Bjorn's behavior is a direct reaction to my own behavior. That's how it goes between parents and their kids. I am ready to give up.

I had nightmares all last night of aliens attacking the planet and keeping a very watchful eye over me. I kept trying to call Doug, but couldn't get him. They were keeping him away from me. They were watching me and Bimp and waiting for him to be born so they could take him away from me.

"But you can't have him" I said.

"Of course we can. How do you think we got your first one, Anne?"

They took my first. And there's nothing I can do about it. And they're letting my second make it to term before they take him away, too. This helplessness. This fear. I can't stand it.

"WAKE UP, Anne" I said to myself. Wake up I did.

I hate not having control. I hate the unknown. Fuck wonder.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

~:W O N D E R * W O M A N:~

Tania Recently posted a childhood picture on her beelog, in response to a few of us other beeloggers who also think we looked either cute or ridiculous at a young age. I have a new one for you. (And I think we have started a trend, ladies).

Here's the story: The year my parents decided that celebrating Halloween was satantic and eeeevil, Peter and I passed out candy to all our neighborhood friends while in our PJ's. It was agony. We ended up fighting over who got to hold the bowl, so Mom sent us to bed early. Just about the worst night of my young life.

To compensate, she made Peter a Shazaam costme and me a Wonder Woman costume for the following night of "blessing treating" at the church. Oy. Well, it was better than nothing. Back to the costume: I still remember her sewing on the stars to my blue shorts. I got to wear a wig (yes I think we used spray net, too), fasle eyelashes (that glue nearly made me go blind in both eyes), Lee Press-On Nails (although you can't see them here) and yes, HIGH HEELED SHOES (wish you could see those, too). I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Completely worth the sacrifice of the previous night. My best Halloween ever.

Don't I look spendid? I think this slimming costume does Wonders for me.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

~:D O U G I E * F R E S H * M O U S E:~

This is a man who is ready for fatherhood. Yup. And this is his mouse who is ready for a nap. We are all going upstairs right now for a Saturday slumber and I bid all of you peace in da house. To see more Dougie Fresh Mouse pictures, click here!

PS: Steven, these will make you want to wretch, I'm pretty sure of it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Oh man, Sarah, now I don't know what to do. I am gravid with doubt. (he he)

I can't sleep. It's 4:30 in the morning. My legs are O N F I R E. This rash is killing me, God help me. I have broken skin and a growling stomache. And you think pregnancy is too easy? Kidding. I know what you meant. So is it to be "Tommy" or "Anne-Davnes"?

Of course, if Holger decides to teach the class while I'm teaching one myself, then all bets are off for now. But if I can take it now - I could do both. One now - the other later. Maybe that's the solution.

Like the picture?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

~:D E S I G N:~

See these lillies? How mouth-watering they are? They are perfect. Growing in my front yard right now. I hope to create something as close to these as I can get. I am inspired! So I have signed up for Holger Kappenstien's Typeface Design class at PC and I'm so excited. I'll be able to take it providing it doesn't conflict with one of my own classes. Thank you Holger! He says that by week two, we are to commit to a name for the font we're creating and stick with it for the entire quarter. I've a few ideas/options to consider that I'd like your feedback on.

This means "Being with child; heavy with young or eggs; pregnant." Would be really cool to design a face, each character with a bump or elegant protrusion, each balanced with asymmetry, which is how my body feels. Flourishing in this rare life-giving state is fascinating. What better way to honor this special time than to design a face during this transformation? Only drawback is that I might find this gets old after a while. But sticking to it would be a labor of love, if it ended up being difficult. Which is the nature of creativity. So...hmmm. I'm really tempted to tackle this idea.

2. "TOMMY"
I have an older brother who took his life when he was 34. This happened about 8 years ago. One of those experiences that's changed me forever. And continues to teach me things. I thought honoring him by creating a face that celebrates his personality - the best of his personality would be a great tribute. Another labor of love. Tommy and I were so very different from each other. I'd say the only two real similarities were 1. that we shared the same sense of humor. Oh God, could he make me laugh. I miss that. 2. We had the same big toe. No kidding. To remember his presence, all I need to do it take off my socks and stare at my big toe. That's tommy.

The greatest thing Tommy accomplished was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Yep - he was a beautiful thru hiker. His trail name was "Darling Boy" - something our Mother called him.

I was thinking that the face should look nothing like me. It should be physically strong. He was an ox of a person. He was ruddy. Elegant. Incredibly brave. Sturdy. And he loved the outdoors. He would have survived a nuclear war - would have ended up a king if the tables turned so. He did not have book smarts - but an instinctive awareness of how things worked naturally. And he was spiritual. And his anger. Fierce. You'd want him on your side if in battle. Tommy fought off monsters. The only one that got him in the end was what he saw in the mirror. His self esteem damaged from too many poor decisions and a learning disability that left him feeling less than everyone else.

But man - I'd love to make this face out of wood. Wood cuts. Or twigs. Pinestraw. I dunno - some kind of natural material that I could vectorize. (is that a word??) Something sturdy to honor him. I'd want you to look at it and say, "Hero. Thru hiker. Anne's brother, Tommy." And want to know him.

Only drawback is that I want this to be something totally for myself. Is guilt part of my motivation? Or would that just be part of my journey? I dunno.

3. "Anne-Davnes" or "Davnes"
This would be another self portrait. I love calligraphy. Have developed my own style by now, based upon Copperplate. Addressing envelopes with a steel nib dipped in ink is yoga for the hands and soul. I absolutely love it. Can't get enough of it! My calligraphy is somewhat free-spirited and irregular. Gives a nod to the past, but is rather contemporary. There's a lot of grace there - irregular grace. I just love it. Makes me happy.

Were I to turn this into a font, that irregularity would need to be somewhat diminished or harnessed. This would be a face with rhythm, but with a level of consistency. I think it would be terribly exciting to decide which characters have descenders or ascenders that can reach high or dip deeply. I think I can do that, as long as there are but a few special ones without them all fighting for attention. To be a calligrapher who has designed a version of their natural hand for keystroking would be very, very rewarding. I think this would give me the most natural high out of all my options. The strokes themselves give me great pleasure. I know what you're thinking - you perverts. :)

I think this last option is the one I want to go with. but is it big-headed of me to name it after myself? I thought Davnes would be so elegant. It's Norwegian and should I have a girl someday, I'll give that name to her as well.

Saying no to the first 2 options is something I'm not quite ready to do. I want this exercise to be pleasant but to stretch me, too. What do you guys think? Any opinions?

~:B I M P * 2 1 * W E E K S:~

Updated the Bimp Page with this photo. We took a bunch of photos and picked this one, where Doug instructed me to say "sassssssy" as he snapped the camera. Still feeling that way, thank you. I am now 140 pounds. Thank you. Thankyouverymuch. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well I am a little happier this evening. Went to the school today for one on one meetings with students and Nick brought me a chocolate bar. We shared it. Thank you, Nick. Then Bimp awoke and I got to feel him nudge me all day long. That's one of the really fun parts.

I've read that your baby picks up on your moods. That sure happened to us today. All 3 of us, Bjorn, Bimp and I barely made it out of bed. But once the chocolate arrived and good work started flowing in for me to look at, why - who would want anything else? So it was a great day. Teaching just puts me in a better mood. Chocolate helps, too. And the fabulous comments from you fabulous women - you know who you are.

I came home and stopped by to visit Mom and Dad - helped Mom with her computer. Then drove home and as I watered plants, Doug pulled into the driveway. So we weeded together for a few minutes while BjornMouse picked a breezy, sunny patch on the lawn to watch us. Hostas are blooming, the hibiscus I thought I killed is coming back, the vinca I transplanted is doing well, pansies are coming up in shady areas, in spite of the heat. Dougie Fresh got a job with CheckFree, who has fallen in love with his mad skills. We have better insurance now and I get to go back to my old OBGYN to announce my 21st week of pregnancy, after a painful miscarriage nearly 2 years ago. Life is good to us.

You guys are right. Who cares about the rash. I love my career, family and friends and the work that comes with all of it.
And I am going to be a mother.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Good news:

I now have a cute bathing suit, which should make you proud, A.

Bad news:

Said bathing suit does not have polka dots. That one came in the wrong size. Phooey.

Good news:

I've got the red lipstick, vintage cut shades and a cute hat to accompany the belly.

Bad news:

As of 3 days ago, I could no longer bend over to polish my toenails, which I have done religiously for the last 20 years or so of my life.

Good news:

I was given persmission by the financial dept of our household to splurge for a pedicure. Poor me. Poor, poor me. Oh my god was it heaven.

Bad news:

Weight gain in the hips and thighs area comes with pregnancy... so the tops of my legs rub together now which I HATE. Sarah - should I be using powder? Oh my god is it uncomfortable in hot weather.

Good news:

I H A D to have a new pair of pants that are ever so comfortable and provide a nice buffer for sweaty skin against sweaty skin. (too much info? sorry)

Bad news: I have developed a weird pregnancy rash on my legs below the knees. And there is no good news associated with this one.

And that's just about all I can think of to say. I have been swifted away into the pregnancy bubble and feel very ar away from the rest of you. I celebrate my pregnancy most of the time, but today just don't feel quite right. I feel heavy and burdened. Bimp's not moving much. And oy - nausea has returned. At least for today.

Sunshine? Where ARE you this morning ? ? Come back to me.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

~:F E E L I N G * B I M P:~

We are at 20 - 21 weeks now and I've been feeling Bimp move and squirm every time I'm siting or lying still. It is AMAZING. Feels like a little squish. A tickle. A squirm. Like a soft thump, thud, muscle twinge. And this morning while lying in bed, Doug pressed his hand down low on my belly and felt Bimp move several times. Oh my goodness what fun we are having.

He's supposed to be able to hear by now. So we're talking to him. In a couple of weeks, we go to the beach and he should see sunlight through my belly. Time to start singing and taping stereo speakers to my belly. Dance, Bimp Dance!

Mom took me shopping yesterday. I finally have real maternity wear. Soooo much more comfortable. Thank you GOD!!

Time to start filling Bimp's room with gear.