Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Yellow Chicks

Coptic bound "Little Yellow Chicks" is now for sale at the Peachtree Battle Paper Affair! Comes with it's own box and is lovingly covered with Washi Paper from Washi Accents and, vintage children's book illustrations I found at Atlanta Vintage Books!

Monday, March 29, 2010

End of The Line (It's alllllll right.)

Anton's been fascinated recently with the Traveling Wilbury's. One of his favorite videos is the one on the train, End Of The Line.

A little back story, so I'm told, is that the recording of this song was finished first. But the time they were ready to shoot the video, the oldest icon of the group, Roy Orbison, had died. In tribute to him, the group filmed anyway and during his solo, shot a rocking chair an in it, Roy's guitar. I cry every time I watch it.

So here are all these amazing iconic musicians, each on their own celebrated paths, grouping together, in movement to create a song about the fact that we're all on that train and that it's gonna stop, we'll all die when it's our time and DAMN, it's alright. Live now, love now, be true to yourself, give your best gifts and don't fret.

I thought of Jay who, like it or not, left when his time came, though it was startling to everyone because there was no warm-up. No time to say goodbye. I feel Jay speaking to me in this video, "It's alright. End of the line. It's alright." I gotta know that he's okay. And I do. I'm happy to be on that train.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

More of Jay

This sweet man passed the night before last - you can read about him below. The internet has been shimmering with searches for more information about him - who he was, what he did, his character, countenance, business philosophy, etc. I found a little Binders video of Jay and Howard out on the floor. Did my heart good to see him again.

Oh, and Howard? You're totally cute. :) Both of you are.

Jay's funeral will be Monday morning at 11:00AM and is open to the public. Here's what his sweet family said about the arrangements:

Dear Family and Friends,
We wanted to share with you the details of Jay's funeral.
It will be Monday morning at 11 am at Arlington Cemetery in Sandy Springs.

With great respect for Jay,we just could not have it on Sunday for that day is reserved for golf.
We thank you one and all for your friendship and prayers.
Andee, Scott & Abby, Stuart & Michele and Max

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Enlightened Ones!

THIS is the lovely Debra (in the middle) I've been talking about! Taken at the preview of Grace. My long time friend Ashlee's there on the left who wore her lovely kitten dress. :) It was a magical evening! Surrounded by good friends and good art all around. Also love this picture of Yu-Kai. Smiles all around.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sad News About Jay from Binders

To all Our Friends, Customers, Business Acquaintances and the entire Art Community of Atlanta:

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we regret to inform you of the sudden passing of our dear friend, leader, mentor, BINDERS colleague and owner: Jay Shapiro.

Jay was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumor a mere five weeks ago. The tumor's aggressive and rapid growth took Jay from all of us way before his time. More importantly, Jay was gone before any of us had a chance to say good-bye. Our entire extended BINDERS family has been shaken to the core. No words can possibly express how much we will miss our beloved Jay.

We are proud to have worked by Jay's side as he helped build this dream of his and ours: BINDERS, as we know it today. This beautiful store is a vision shared by Jay with all of us. We will continue to honor Jay in the days and years to come by sharing that vision with all of you.

With deepest sorrow,
All of us at BINDERS

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Painted Paper Pencil Holders

Back in 2002, the year Doug and I got married, I took an entire year off from teaching so I could spend all my free time making things for my wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL. I took most of the things I'd made, and gave them away to special friends and family who helped make the big day happen.

This piece you see here was given to my grandmother, who passed in September and it is mine again. Bless you Nonie, for taking such good care of it.

I made all the flower arrangements out of preserved flowers and wheat. I created the tall paper vases they stood in and filled the bottoms with sand so they'd be steady. The outsides were painted with sensual quotes from the Song of Solomon. Those were REAL fun to write!

I made my bridesmaids beaded knitted bags to math their dresses, I made all the printed materials and of course, addressing the envelopes for everything in calligraphy was what got it all started. It was my first wedding calligraphy job.

I'd like to start posting the pieces I made, because I think someday they could be marketed and could be added to my business. I'll do them one at a time.

The materials and process for this little pen/pencil holder is as follows:

I coiled poster paper and taped it together with masking tape. Created a bottom, tapes that with masking tape. Everything got a coat of flat water based wall paint and then I painted the type and patterns with gouache cakes. A final coat of mat varnish was sprayed on and POOF, it's done!

No fading, no cracking!
These were so easy it make, it hardly seems legal. And they sat aside the stack of little cards for guests to sign instead of a guest book. I have yet to decide what to do with them. That'll be next!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jay Shapiro

I have a good friend who is very sick, currently battling two brain tumors. He is a wonderful man, who I was destined (to be sure) to have crossed paths with, because his philosophy was so drastically different from mine and MAN, did I need to change direction.

His name is Jay Shapiro and is one of the owners at Binders Art Supply, where I teach Calligraphy and Bookbinding classes.

Shortly after I began teaching at Binders, Jay and I were casually talking right before a class and I drew a little sketch on the table of a wooden inkwell I wished were available for my calligraphy students. Most inkwells you see are just plain and round or unimaginative OR totally beautiful yet breakable because they're vintage.

Hrrrrm. So Jay took that sketch and said he'd give it to his wood guy, who took my schematics and returned the next day with the first existing Petal Pod. He e-mailed me this note: "Our little venture is off and running." And just like that ssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing! I was in business.

My previous understanding of any kind of entrepreneurial venture was that is was too much of a hassle to commit to and to keep going - and that it would suck the life right out of me. I'd be wealthier but unhappier. I was just plain scared. And the truth is, is that if you love what you're doing and making and you're open to the path(s) it takes you, then you're in for the ride of your life, which really IS your life. One thing leads to another, your life begins to unfold and you realize that everything is working for your good. REALLY.

Back to Jay.
When you walk into Binders, and if Jay is there, he stops what he's doing and greets you with a hug. His partner, Howard, does the exact same thing. And everyone there really loves and respects one another. It's amazing to be a part of that community. I just love it there.

Jay had been having a lot of sinus headaches suddenly and poof, he's diagnosed with brain cancer - two invasions inside his lovely, light-infused head. Everyone aches for him. He is one of the most loved men I know. His approach to running an art store is SO drastically different from anything I've ever seen. And trust me, I've been a fan of art stores for a lonnnnng time.

Jay creates community. He makes a place for everyone to meet. Jay makes good things happen. He's a dear, dear man.

He's still up at Duke in NC getting treatment. He is being strong and is surrounded by family and love.

If you'd like to hear the story of how Jay and Howard began their business careers, go here to a delightful retelling at the Binders art Blog article: From Beer To Paint.


If you know Jay and would like to send him a message, click here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Props to Mom

My mother, Nancy Dusenberry will be in a show at the Quinlan gallery in April. Check out the info here and read this lovely bio:

The Fabric of Women

Current works by artist Nancy Dusenberry

Atlanta area artist Nancy Dusenberry began painting figures with Marc Chatov, the premier figure and portrait artist in the southeast, and with Burton Silverman and Daniel Green, figure and portrait artists with signal reputations in the northeast. Drawing inspiration from the works of Sargent, Sorrolla, Henri, Cassat and Hopper, the artist believes a good figurative painter must reveal more than how a person looks but also tell a story about the interior life of the subject. Bold and painterly, Dusenberry will be a delight this spring.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Design & Calligraphy

One of the nicest calligraphy clients I've ever had recently took a chunk of the calligraphy I did for her daughter's birth announcement and incorporated it into the invitation of her 1st birthday party. I think she did an amazing job. Kudos to you Ranielle!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

GRACE Grand Opening Night

Well. It was amazing and perfect. I sold another piece last night, a book called "You Are Loved" to a man who was looking for a birthday gift for his beloved 80-something mother. I love hearing the story behind why a piece is chosen. I got lots of interesting comments, each enlightening to the maker. Man - art gives in so many ways, over and over again.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night. I loved each and every hug. It was truly surreal to be in that space and be a part of something that was dormant in me for so long.

I still can't believe this is just the beginning. "Surrender to grace" is a statement a good friend said to me months ago. And maintaining "an unshakable standard of grace" came from my brother on the other side.

As I walked from the opening to the after party at Aurum, I held Doug's hand in my right and Steven's in my left. I felt like I had two brothers again. I still do.

All photos by Michael Cooke www.MDSGstudios.com
To see his Flickr page of this event go here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anne's new site!

Hello everyone! This is Kevin M. Scarbrough of The Robot, Monster & Ghost Company. I’m currently building out Anne’s site, there are a few kinks left, so thanks for your patience.

If you see any problems, give me a shout. I’ve got a list running, but I’d hate to miss something. The new address is: anneelser.com

Have a great one!

Grace: the shoes

Ten minutes after I sent out the first official e-mail invitation to GRACE, I get a reply from Alton Brown, purchasing two of the 8 of my series of paintings on enlightenment. Alton chose Listener and Thrust because of how well they paired each other. Really profound way to tune into the work. This was a good sign.

A few months ago, Yu-Kai and I sat down to chat about the show, and about what my specific contributions might be. We named it Grace.

About a week ago, I am sifting through my wardrobe and decided a new pair of shoes for the opening would be a great idea. I have a pair of teal Frye boots I wear just about every day and a lovely and chunky pair of brown leather Frye platforms with hefty hardware. I LOVE them.

So I’m on the net surfing for a deal. I type in “Frye platform” and the word “Grace” just for kicks. Holy fucking shit, these babies appear for sale in a variety of colors, my favorite being the natural because of the visibility of the brass hardware AND I want my lovely feet to appear uplifted and naked. :)

They are just over $100 and I’m beginning to doubt spending that kind of foldin money on a pair of shoes I don’t HAVE to have. I decide to see how much shipping might be and to get to that stage in the process, I must type in the scrambled word I see on my screen so Zappos knows I’m a real human being. The word they give me is (no shit) “HARRIOTTE.”

My jaw drops open. I e-mail Doug (hubbie) and Debra (therapist) to get their opinion and they both concur that the shoes were meant for my feet during the opening of my first show in 20 years.

Harriet is the name I gave my healing angel back when I’d first met Debra and started to work through my issues and get over the emotional pain preventing me from growth and movement. Harriet sat with me every morning at 5AM while I knitted a scarf of teal blue silk and mohair blend. I called it my Angel Scarf, posted the pattern, notes and photos. Crediting Knitch, Debra and Harriet, I was on my way to healing.

There really are no coincidences.

Tonight is the big grand opening of Grace at the Kai Lin Art Gallery and I’m going to have a great time. I’ll be wearing my angel scarf, my angel shoes and pumping the flow of pure love and energy through my living heart.

PS: Sorry for spelling your name wrong all this time Harriotte. I love you. :)

Tooth Fairy Box

This one's for Anton when he starts losing his baby teeth. For now we'll put his first haircut clippings inside. Made this little drop spine book in the last round of Bookmaking at Binders. Paper is from a vintage children's book illustration found at Atlanta Vintage Books.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wow. Twenty Years in the Making.

Anne Elser
Artist Statement
March, 2010

I see our universe as a living, breathing organism, rich with color, passion, grace and infinite goodness. All things being interconnected, our worlds reflect everything about us. I paint in fullness, in love, employ metaphor, and am guided through the deconstruction of our subconscious prejudices. The work is a snapshot of this process. It is a reflection of the connections shared by all.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Biz card box

A new box for business cards. The pattern on the yellow paper I did in acrylic before gluing it to the box. Fun fun fun! The bottom has an extra wide foot to give it some air while resting on the surface of the table.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Business Cards

I finally printed ACTUAL business cards instead of hand making each one. Good thing because I'm too busy to spin my wheels. I love saying that. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grace Signage

Hallo Friends,

Today I spent the day at the gallery painting the glass windows, interior walls and hanging the grace foam letters for GRACE. A really fun day being part of the live window display as it was being created. Every few strokes, Yu-Kai would fling across Peachtree to take a look at the window display from afar, then shout back his comments for me to absorb. We had lunch, we chatted, we painted, we had fun. And POOF, the day was done and we'll meet again on Tuesday night for the VIP Preview. So excited.

After a day of up and down ladders, my right thigh is pretty sore - but my heart is thumping a glorious march as I absorb all that is happening in my life.

Yay life, indeed.


The answer to “Open Me All The Way.”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Am Safe

This is the answer to the book cover “Thoughts Are Things.” We are always up for the task when we know we are safe.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay Life!

The front of one of the boxes soon to be on display at the Kai Lin Art Gallery. I love this phrase. The girly confidence - its solidity.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

GRACE Window Display

Working on the window display for Grace. And having a blast. I managed to keep all digits attached to my hands – this is simply black quarter-inch foam core cut with a #11 xacto blade. It’s really liberating thinking and working this big.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Boxes for Books

Just completed the boxes for the books shown in GRACE at the Kai Lin Art gallery. Such fun to do. Acrylic on board covered with washi paper. Each box has a signature on the inside of the back base. Color! What a dance.