Monday, March 29, 2010

End of The Line (It's alllllll right.)

Anton's been fascinated recently with the Traveling Wilbury's. One of his favorite videos is the one on the train, End Of The Line.

A little back story, so I'm told, is that the recording of this song was finished first. But the time they were ready to shoot the video, the oldest icon of the group, Roy Orbison, had died. In tribute to him, the group filmed anyway and during his solo, shot a rocking chair an in it, Roy's guitar. I cry every time I watch it.

So here are all these amazing iconic musicians, each on their own celebrated paths, grouping together, in movement to create a song about the fact that we're all on that train and that it's gonna stop, we'll all die when it's our time and DAMN, it's alright. Live now, love now, be true to yourself, give your best gifts and don't fret.

I thought of Jay who, like it or not, left when his time came, though it was startling to everyone because there was no warm-up. No time to say goodbye. I feel Jay speaking to me in this video, "It's alright. End of the line. It's alright." I gotta know that he's okay. And I do. I'm happy to be on that train.

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