Friday, March 19, 2010

Grace: the shoes

Ten minutes after I sent out the first official e-mail invitation to GRACE, I get a reply from Alton Brown, purchasing two of the 8 of my series of paintings on enlightenment. Alton chose Listener and Thrust because of how well they paired each other. Really profound way to tune into the work. This was a good sign.

A few months ago, Yu-Kai and I sat down to chat about the show, and about what my specific contributions might be. We named it Grace.

About a week ago, I am sifting through my wardrobe and decided a new pair of shoes for the opening would be a great idea. I have a pair of teal Frye boots I wear just about every day and a lovely and chunky pair of brown leather Frye platforms with hefty hardware. I LOVE them.

So I’m on the net surfing for a deal. I type in “Frye platform” and the word “Grace” just for kicks. Holy fucking shit, these babies appear for sale in a variety of colors, my favorite being the natural because of the visibility of the brass hardware AND I want my lovely feet to appear uplifted and naked. :)

They are just over $100 and I’m beginning to doubt spending that kind of foldin money on a pair of shoes I don’t HAVE to have. I decide to see how much shipping might be and to get to that stage in the process, I must type in the scrambled word I see on my screen so Zappos knows I’m a real human being. The word they give me is (no shit) “HARRIOTTE.”

My jaw drops open. I e-mail Doug (hubbie) and Debra (therapist) to get their opinion and they both concur that the shoes were meant for my feet during the opening of my first show in 20 years.

Harriet is the name I gave my healing angel back when I’d first met Debra and started to work through my issues and get over the emotional pain preventing me from growth and movement. Harriet sat with me every morning at 5AM while I knitted a scarf of teal blue silk and mohair blend. I called it my Angel Scarf, posted the pattern, notes and photos. Crediting Knitch, Debra and Harriet, I was on my way to healing.

There really are no coincidences.

Tonight is the big grand opening of Grace at the Kai Lin Art Gallery and I’m going to have a great time. I’ll be wearing my angel scarf, my angel shoes and pumping the flow of pure love and energy through my living heart.

PS: Sorry for spelling your name wrong all this time Harriotte. I love you. :)

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minus five said...

that's awesome. i wish i could have seen the show, but i'm sure it was incredible. congratulations. seriously. i'm really happy for you.