Thursday, March 25, 2010

Painted Paper Pencil Holders

Back in 2002, the year Doug and I got married, I took an entire year off from teaching so I could spend all my free time making things for my wedding. It was BEAUTIFUL. I took most of the things I'd made, and gave them away to special friends and family who helped make the big day happen.

This piece you see here was given to my grandmother, who passed in September and it is mine again. Bless you Nonie, for taking such good care of it.

I made all the flower arrangements out of preserved flowers and wheat. I created the tall paper vases they stood in and filled the bottoms with sand so they'd be steady. The outsides were painted with sensual quotes from the Song of Solomon. Those were REAL fun to write!

I made my bridesmaids beaded knitted bags to math their dresses, I made all the printed materials and of course, addressing the envelopes for everything in calligraphy was what got it all started. It was my first wedding calligraphy job.

I'd like to start posting the pieces I made, because I think someday they could be marketed and could be added to my business. I'll do them one at a time.

The materials and process for this little pen/pencil holder is as follows:

I coiled poster paper and taped it together with masking tape. Created a bottom, tapes that with masking tape. Everything got a coat of flat water based wall paint and then I painted the type and patterns with gouache cakes. A final coat of mat varnish was sprayed on and POOF, it's done!

No fading, no cracking!
These were so easy it make, it hardly seems legal. And they sat aside the stack of little cards for guests to sign instead of a guest book. I have yet to decide what to do with them. That'll be next!

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