Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Books, Books, Books

I have been a busy spider these past few weekends, preparing for an art show in November. I'll be selling a variety of handmade books - each unique and covered with vintage book pages. I'll post the invite when it's ready so you can see the other artist's works - pottery, painting, glass etching and more. I'm excited!

Back to binding....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Orchid Lace Mitts

I have begun a new project with a luscious yarn from Uruguay. Malabrigo Yarn is hand dyed, hand spun and has the most beautiful irregular texture. It's incredibly soft, but spun irregularly so that you get the most wonderful thicks and thins, which creates a really neat texture in your work.

With this lace weight yarn I'm knitting another pair of fingerless mitts from KnitSpot: Anne Hanson's Orchid Lace Mitts.

I think I have solved Anton's Halloween costume dilemma. Mom and I found a darling outfit from GAP KIDS today. Hat, vest and pants. He looks like either a little immigrant from Ellis Island or Mickey Rooney. I know. I'm crazy. So he's going as his great great grandfather, Martin Anton Petterson Davnes. Going to make him a little satchel to keep his candy in. Man does he look delicious. Yum yum!

Last night he had his first Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. He went to bed smacking his lips in pleasure. My sweet boy. I've decided that nothing is better in the world than watching your baby eat a new food and love it. He is an amazing creature.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mmmmm. Fall.

Just returned from a night of bookmaking and am too wired to go to bed. So here's a beelog!

I took these pictures of my beautiful boy with his beautiful grandmother last week. We had the first cold morning of the season and dressed Anton in our knitted baby gear. I knit the hat from an Interweave Knits pattern called Syncopated Caps and Mom knit the sweater from the book Simple Knits for Cherished Babies.

I have started knitting a new pair of mittens for him and another pair of lace fingerless mitts for me. Will post photos soon!

But here's a question for all you creatives. What, tell me WHAT should Anton be for Halloween? I was thinking a sperm would be very cute and funny until a friend asked me how I'd explain that to all the other neighborhood children. So then I thought a shriner would be ridiculous and fun. Make him a red fez, red vest and have him hold a bucket for his candy. I dunno. I dunno???

Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cafe le Bran

Daddy feeds bran cereal to Anton: a yummy, crunchy, tasty, vitamin-filled, fiberlicious little video.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Delicato Mitts

Behold knitting friends - my latest FINISHED project. Anne Hanson's Delicato Mitts. The pattern was knit with Koigu from Kaleidoscope Yarns. Above is a delicious picture of Anton's tushie and my hard-working hands. Yes. I can still knit and be a Mommie. :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bathing Cousins & Thirsty Runners

So we all had a splendid long weekend up north visiting family we all miss. Doug performed very well in the Chicago Marathon, until the rug got pulled from underneath him and many other runners. They cut the race short because of one death and many hospitalizations. Doug did not get to finish, but feels he could have. Very early in the race, they started running out of water. A record high for Chicago (October in the 80's) it was hot for even the non-runners. We can be thankful more people were not hurt, and sad for the family who lost one of their own. The Chicago Marathon this year was poorly run. I think Doug will try again next year, tho.

We took lots of pictures of our trip. I have none to share from the dramatic race mentioned above, sadly. BUT plenty of you know who.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


We're having fun here in Chicago. I love the energy of a Northern urban environment. Makes me miss my undergrad days in Cleveland. Doug is preparing for his marathon and we will meet him tomorrow at the finish line.

I just went to this wonderful knitting shop called Nina. Bought a cute little project bag in pink tafetta to keep my latest project in. I think I will have to go back tomorrow to buy a skein of something naughty and expensive I regret not purchasing today.

I have been feeling pretty good these past few days. I stopped eating crap. I've been eating crap ever since I got pregnant. And I just stopped a few days ago. It's amazing the difference it makes in your mood. The best effect is that I don't feel guilty about what I'm putting in my mouth. The next good feeling is just physically feeling better - lighter on my feet and more energetic. Both of these things make you a happier person. I hope this all leads to weight loss. I would like to have my old body back. Mom and her sister have been taking Alli for a while now and say it works wonders. I'm tempted to try it. Though I hear it really punishes you when you eat too much fat.

Little Anton mouse is on total solid food now. His little fingers are fastly adapting to the challenge of developing those small muscles and coordination. It's fascinating to watch him eat. He's holding a sippy cup on his own now. And has become an expert crawler.

Finally, the painting you see up top is called "morning." I did it about 10 years ago. It lives with Peter here and i've been meaning to take a picture of it for some time now. It's all about the sunny mornings I had as a child. I sat in the kitchen bay window with lots of light. We drank milk (and yes, we had a milkman and real glass milk jugs) and Mathis Dairy orange juice, which my Dad would shake at the kitchen sink and sing. We had pretty striped juice glasses. Mom would make biscuits from scratch (NO KIDDING) every morning. I took a vitamin and allergy pill. All of these items are in the painting, as is the southern morning light. And a feeling of gratitude for family.

We leave for St. Louis on Monday, then back to Atlanta on Tuesday. See you when I return. Yay!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wanting to Wear Wool


Well it's the night before we leave for Chicago and we're doin' laundry, watering plants and packing. I have finished the left mitt I posted about earlier and finished Anton's winter hat, which you see here! Got the pattern from Interweave Knits. These are called Syncopated Caps. You knit with one solid skein and a varigated other. Makes it look way more complicated than it actually is. I hope it gets cold enough in Chicago for him to wear it this weekend.

We are SO ready for Fall. Here Anton is sporting long overalls and another pair of stellar shoes from Nanny. He is also sporting a nice little nose scuff from a recent fall on his little face. Poor baby.

Okay den. I am gettin' sleepy. I get to knit in the car all the way to Chicago. WOO HOO!!!!