Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wanting to Wear Wool


Well it's the night before we leave for Chicago and we're doin' laundry, watering plants and packing. I have finished the left mitt I posted about earlier and finished Anton's winter hat, which you see here! Got the pattern from Interweave Knits. These are called Syncopated Caps. You knit with one solid skein and a varigated other. Makes it look way more complicated than it actually is. I hope it gets cold enough in Chicago for him to wear it this weekend.

We are SO ready for Fall. Here Anton is sporting long overalls and another pair of stellar shoes from Nanny. He is also sporting a nice little nose scuff from a recent fall on his little face. Poor baby.

Okay den. I am gettin' sleepy. I get to knit in the car all the way to Chicago. WOO HOO!!!!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, could he get any cuter? Love the shoes. Have a great Fall weekend. It even feels pretty good down here in Houston! barbara

maryk said...

i would like a hat like that. !!!

tell the chicago dusenberry clan i said hello! i owe peter an email.


Anne Elser said...

I'll do that Mary!

We miss you.