Monday, May 29, 2006

~:D E A R * S A R A H:~

What started out as a really nice day quickly turned ugly. Doug and I decided to clean out the guest bedroom to get it ready for Bimp. This bedroom has, within the 3 short years we've lived in this house, turned into a horrifically disorganized storage space. "Where do we put THIS ugly thing, or broken thing, honey? Wait! Don't throw that OUT. I'll fix it later. We NEED it." Those are the kinds of conversations we had each time the door to this room got opened or shut.

Lordy. I should have known better than to try tackling this task today. But it has to be done, or Bimpie sleeps with Bjorn, which would get us into a lot of trouble. After just one hour, I'm regretting every little knick knack I saved, every photo, sketchbook, book, broken something, poster, postcard, xmas card, schnittle... you name it. We've kept it. So I'm feeling out of control by 2:00 in the afternoon. My life's dirty, messy, cluttered. I am unprepared for parenthood. I would have liked to have cleaned the house today, but now I've got an unpacked room of trinkets and bad memories AND a dirty house.

Little Bjorn's downstairs being ignored. Even HE'S dirty. So he gets a bath. And I'm mad at him for squirming. So I'm yelling. Doug's upstairs fumbling in the attic. I've just returned from Kroger to get hamburger makings and managed to snag the very last bag of buns (these are the soft white boring kind) and have unpacked my bags only to realize I've forgotten the fucking beef. Kill me now. Did I mention I'm pregnant, too? Hot, fat, bloated and hormonal? And that I cried during the last half of Yoga class Saturday morning?

Doug (who has been SUCH a great husband these past few months) goes back to Kroger to get the meat. I decide that I can't stand one more second of animal hair on the floor, so I get the vacuum out. After Bjorn pees on the floor, Doug puts him in his crate to nap. Yes. We are going to be really great parents. Hmmm. So the floor's clean but I'm fuming by now, practically in tears by the time Doug gets back.

So what do I do now? What therapy can ease my grief, my anger, my feeling of loss of control and resignation? My fear? Ah ha!! I will take Sarah's Rock Bottom sticker photos! Of all four of us!! It took all of 5 minutes to take them and I had a really good laugh afterwards. As did Doug. So thanks for the catharsis. We needed it.



~:C A L L I G R A P H Y:~

Good morning everyone! I had a fun weekend getting my calligraphic ducks in a row. In preparation for the big life changes coming in October, I decided that I wanted more calligraphy business while shifting into my new role as a mother. I will be taking one quarter off from teaching at PC on maternity leave, but would still like to create with my hands and make a little money while doing so. Desiging a logo and calligraphing an envelope are two very different things. Calligraphy is soothing - yoga for the spirit and hands, it's challenging enough and rhythmic - perfect for my personality. And as gratifying as design is, I can't quite picture myself being able to think very clearly in three hour sleep deprived sessions. So!

I made a series of little sample books (thank you to Michael Goodman's bookmaking class) to pass out at various businesses in Atlanta. I lowered my prices a little, which so far has had a favorable response. Visiting vendors was fun. The folks at Paper Affair were terrifically friendly and supportive. Even went to the bridal department at SAKS and they fell all over my work, displaying my samples right up front with happy smiles. Very, very nice.

Surprisingly, I got the cold shoulder from Swoozies. Apparently, they've got to check with corporate. At the least, they might put my name on a "list" with other calligraphers they'd recommend. But they refused to accept a sample for display. I suppose I understand. Maybe I should have dressed up more or hid my bimp?? Did I look like a shmo? I dunno.

Sam Flax was very complimentary, though. Such nice people. Young and fun and spirited. It was a great day. So now I'm pumped and want to make more. I think I'll atttack the bridal shops next and see if they'll help market me. Understand, I am NOT a business person. So small steps like these amaze me. Especially when they turn out to be uplifting.

If you'd like to see the new AED Calligraphy site I put up, go here. Annnnnd, if you'd like a sample book of your own - write to me with your address and I'll send you a couple!

Cheers! We clear out Bimp's room today. Wish me luck! Oh! Almost forgot to tell you we're at 20 weeks now. The half way point! A new tummy picture is posted on the Bimp Page.



Tuesday, May 23, 2006

~:W E L C O M E * I A N:~

Jason and Lindsey have had their baby! Welcome little Ian!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

~:P O S T * H A S T E:~

"The next PostSecret Book will be released October 1st. Any postcard received before June 1st might be in it," reads an entry in this Sunday's PostSecret edition.

Okay, Frank, you motherfucker. I've sent you COUNTLESS fucking postcards and have yet to see one posted on your silly sight. Postcards worthy of a designer's nod or attention. I mean come ON. Give me SOMEthing here. I teach this stuff fer fuckssake. What do I have to do? Write an ugly, self-centered post about you???? God HELP me if I don't see one of my cards in your new silly book, I just don't know what.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

~:B J O R N O G R A P H Y:~

Time to share something non Bimp related. Last week, Bjorn and I were approached by Keith Oh to take part in his data blitz. I have posted it here for you to see.

The concept was to show three good and bad ideas. Massaging type was a good idea, but when applied to a 5.5 lb. papillon, rather MY 5.5 lb. papillon Bjorn, it turned into BAD touch. A little tough to stomach poor Keith being pummeled by his "friends". Fun to watch James fall out of his chair and to see Scott loosing a shoe. Nice cartwheel, dude.

Thanks for sharing Keith! Fantastic job.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

~:S I R * B I M P:~

Hang on to yer hats everybody because le Bimp is a B O Y !!! I was compeltely wrong about the sex! The whole time I thought you were a girl. Mom came with us for the ultrasound and we hollered and giggled to find out it was a he. Now I'm thinking all those dreams I had of pink was about me, myself being "in the pink". Makes sense when you think about it.

Oh the fun I'm going to have with costumes and superheroes and uniforms and OH! Bimp? WHO are you?? Can't wait to find out. I am thrilled to have a tinkering little boy. All my bloodwork turned out fine - Bimp measured well. Only thing fishy is a placenta previa thingie - where it's not positioned where it should be. This should correct itself on its own. But if it doesn't we'll have a C section. I don't care much - as long as he's out OK and healhy.

We are so blessed, so excited, so grateful. Happy to share the news with you. He'll be Bimp for now and as we figure out names, which I'm sure will take us up until the day he's born, we'll continue to refer to the little pea as Bimp. Oh happy day! I am in heaven! You should have seen him move around. Very cool - so amazing, so humbling. The image of him in the upper left is of his face looking right at us - his right arm is bent and stretched back behind his head and you can see his fingers peeking behind it for a wave. Hi Bimp! Hello sweet little muffin cake, bouncing bubble Bimp boy. My sweet little boy - I love you!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

~:M O T H E R'S * D A Y:~

My first and it went wonderfully. Mom gave me the necklace you see here inscribed with "bimp". I'm never taking it off. To see more of the Mother's Day photos we took, go here .

Friday, May 12, 2006

~:B O O B S H E L F:~

So I had something wonderful happen this morning. I am sitting in my red chair in the kitchen and BjornMouse jumps up to sit in my lap - only he couldn't because Gunther was already there soaking in the sun. So he bypasses my lap and finds a better seat: my shoulders. Then he realizes how comfortable this seat is because he can rest his sweet little bunny paws upon my blue-veined chest, which is now large enough to be deemed Papillon furniture - like it's a paw rest. He he.


Never in my life have I had this many curves. Never in my life have I been so proud of roundness. Never in my life have I been able to sleep in till 10:00 without feeling guilty, or finish my plate or choose a tall glass of water over a soft drink.

So for those of you who make fun of me for showing "them" or my tummy off - pooh on you. I've earned it!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

So is there a connection between the two of these L O S T cast members, Cynthia Watros and Michelle Rodriguez, being arrested back in December in Hawaii for DUI within 15 minutes of each other AND the fact that both of their characters were shot in the same episode? Was this the night they found out they'd be leaving the set or did they get written out b/c of their naughtiness? Hmmmm.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

~:T H E * E N T I T Y:~ Doug found this curious image doing a Google image search for "Elser". At first glance it reads as one word, but the Spanish translation of El Ser reads, "The Thing" or "The Entity". This would be a great direct mail piece or xmas or business card or SOMEthing!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

~: B I M P * P A G E:~

At last you have here a revealing photo of Bimp from the outside. Super-showing compared to just a few weeks ago. We took this photo on this rainy afternoon, after sleeping in until 10:00. I know. Pretty lame. Couldn't be helped and BjornMouse even joined us to listen to the soft rain showers hitting the roof above our heads. It was lovely. So! I have made a page of everything bimp for those of you who are interested. Photos beginning with the 1st HPT (sorry, no conception images will be available), to telling good news to family, watching bimp grow in the belly, how obnxious my belly gets from the outside, any celebrations applicable and development of the nursery (a nursery!!). Should be fun to update and a great way to keep out of town friends and family in the loop. I love you all!

~:F R E S H * R I P - O F F:~

Time for a fiery blog entry.

So I think I made THE most irresponsible financial decision I've ever made last Wednesday. It's lunchtime. I'm hungry. Starving. Don't want fast food or anything greasy, so I decide to go back (against better judgement) to try the new Fresh Market in Buckhead for a healthy and hearty lunch. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

But before I go on, let me tell you why my first experience was not so great. I went in for lunch shortly after their opening day in February to get a sandwich. Since this store is located on busy Peachtree Street at a not-so-friendly intersection, you'd assume that they cater to mostly busy executives, hospital staff and visitors, and students (since Portfolio Center is right across the street, the hospital a little further down and SCAD is just down the street). Folks just want to dive in and out as quickly as possible with something other than a potential coronary on a plate, right? And it was for this reason that when the Fresh Market in Buckhead first opened, I was very excited. I've been missing Harry's in a Hurry for far too long and don't always care to travel the maze in Publix to make it in and out of their deli line for one of their custom made subs. Back to my story - I'm at the deli and pick out a ready made chicken wrap and ask the attendant where their forks and knives are. She points to a basket. I pick out a fork. No knives? She shrugs her shoulders and tells me I'll find those at the register. Hmmph. So I'm at the register and after paying an arm and a leg for that little chicken wrap, I ask for a knife. I was told flatly that they don't have any knives. "Are you sure?" Yes, well the deli might have them. "Well, then will you go check for me, please?" She leaves and returns with another flat, "NO." Not a sorry - we must be out of them. Or maybe a "I'll go check in the back." I was this close to returning everything I'd just purchased and gone back to Publix.

Can't you tell when an employee is happy to give you the answer they know will displease you? Well this was one of those cases. ARRRRG.

So back to my most recent unpleasant Fresh Market experience. I think I made THE most irresponsible financial decision I've ever made, right? It's lunchtime. I'm hungry. Starving. First thing I've got a craving for is watermelon. I pick up a little container of it in the produce section. Yummm, it looks delicious. Until I look at the price tag. $4.33. NO shit. I'm thinking to myself, "boy, this is stupid, Anne." But I decide to splurge.

Next, I'm at the deli counter again and this time decide to try one of their custom made sandwiches. I order a chicken salad sandwich. Without a word, this woman who tried so hard to make me wait for acknowledgment of my presence, pointed to a "form" I had to fill out first before she would make my sandwich. "For accuracy", she said, with a rotation of her head, via her neck, at her shoulders with an a-la-urban-esque-you-aint-no-bettah-den-me-juss-cuz-I-be-wearin-dis-green-apron-beeotch gesture. Jesus Christ, how complicated can a chicken salad sandwhich be? Costs me around $5.00. Almost as much as that fucking watermelon. When I get back to the school to eat it, I open the sandwich to discover ONE slice of tomato, ONE leaf of lettuce, and a .25 inch pathetically thin layer of "chicken salad", consisting of mostly mayo and some kind of pickle/relish mixture. I find ONE good chunk of chicken in there. But lemme tell you, this sandwich was not short of bread. Hmmm. I was so mad. The other stupid thing I did was to purchase a tray of about 8 cookies for my class to share with me. They were thick, heavy, bland cookies. I like my cookies to have some crunch to them. These had none. Might have well been pudding. SO! I'm N O T going back. If their service was better, staff friendlier, that might entice me.

What's puzzling, though, is that I go to The Fresh Market in Dunwoody all the time and I LOVE them! They've got an outstanding bakery, and really go out of their way to help you find your way around, answer any questions you might have and give you a generally pleasant shopping experience.

At the Bucked location, they make you work hard to ask a question, to make yourself visible in the first place and then to get an answer delivered politely is tough, too. On opening day at Buckhead, I told the deli guy at the counter, "I'm so glad you're here! I work across the street at PC and am looking forward to coming here often for lunch." The response I get from him is a monologue of what he really wants to do with his life and how he's looking for a career change and he wants to get out of the food service industry and how can he apply for classes at Portfolio Center. Whoa. "Um, I think I'll go to Publix instead, thanks."

Friday, May 05, 2006

~:T H E * T H I N G:~ For all you bloggers who are falling asleep on AnnePages due to lack of posts... here's an update. NO, it's not my belly. That'll come this weekend. But check this creepy image out. Can you see my blue veins? By the time I'm ready to go into labor, there will be 50% MORE blood pumping through my body. Now - there's already much more - and you can see it in my chest. My pulse is stronger and more rapid also. I can make the headboard knock against the wall in our bedroom just with my obnoxious pulse. Weird, huh?

One advantage to the increase in blood flow is that I've said goodbye to cold feet and having to wear socks at night. I'm comfortably warm. I hope the summer's not too hot for me. One disadvantage to the whole blood thing is that its first duty is to the womb. Which means there's less flowing through my brain - which means that when I open my mouth to verbalize the few thoughts left IN my brain, I sound like a fucking third grader. No shit! I am losing my vocabulary. And my mind.

Ok. So you're still bored? Sorry. I'll post the belly pictures next.