Sunday, September 21, 2014

Floating Gold on Lucite Escort Cards

This weekend I  started a really interesting commission from a bride whose got a thing for gold and lucite. She's hanging these lucite squares by ribbons as a grouping of floating escort cards. So I whipped out my gold oil based sharpie marker and went to town. 

I think they look lovely stacked in this way, too. Interesting way to study letterforms and grids.

Next I do an  8 x 12 lucite drink menu for the bar. When she came to my studio to pick these up yesterday, she saw my chalkboard piece and said "THAT!! I want  my drink menu to look like that title!" So, it's going to be an exciting week for me. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Family Vacation Home Gift

Here's a 20" x 9" chalkboard commission I finished up this weekend. This will hang above the kitchen sink in a family's beloved beach vacation home. I love these jobs, knowing the words I pen have meaning and add to the specialness and lifetime of memories a family shares and builds together.

This client asked that I use permanent markers on the chalkboard so it lasts forever. Sharpie Oil-Based markers are more fun than I had previously thought. 

I still have not found out what a "Cartzilla" is but will share once I do!

Here's the sketch: