Monday, October 25, 2010

Everything Is Different Now.

Dear Friends,

Friday night is the opening of FLASH at the Kai Lin Art Gallery. I will have three hand-bound journals on display.

Each page is different, hand lined and paginated with a mixture of solid, lined, vellum, mixed media and graphed papers and envelopes, stained and left to warp naturally, there are long and short sheets that invite the viewer to journal, write or sketch. Each come with their own button closure and nest within their own self-closing lidded box. The calligraphy on the covers all elude to the concept of change and the gift of change offered. Journaling can do that - and each of these books is a gentle nudge in a directional change, personal and otherwise. Every lovingly enhanced page inspires the user to write because each is imperfect, unfinished and special.

Each can be yours at $250.00.

To view detailed photos of these pieces, follow this link:

Stay tuned for my next series of paintings during the exhibit JOY in December!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes. Chaos. Everything.

Working on a series of tree journals for the Flash exhibit coming up later this month. "Yes", "Chaos is nothing but good" and "Everything is different now" are coming alive. Each will sit in its own hinged lid box and each will have hand painted calligraphic titles on the cover.

I am immensely busy and this blog shows it. I can barely keep up the pace to record the stages all these new pieces are in. So this will have to do. :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flash Books

I'll be presenting this new series of Hand-Bound Journals at Kai Lin Art's next exhibit, FLASH.

My Journals are taking a deeper turn towards specialness. Is that a word? Every page will be lined or loved with paint or pencil. Short sheets, envelopes and other flat materials will be incorporated into every signature and paginated by hand. Windows, reveals, windows and doors will create a sense of gentle action. All pages will invite the user to interact in some way - by writing, drawing or pasting. These are not perfect, stark white, wrinkle free pages that intimidate the user. They are all unique, tempting to the user to carry them further. "Please draw on me. Tell me what you're feeling. Fill me up. USE ME."

The covers are all calligraphic with statements taking right out of my sessions with Debra. They are all about creating something new and the awareness that comes with claiming responsibility for all that presents itself to you. Loving it all. Allowing all to happen. All to touch me.

A journal that moves one to change it further is something I've never seen before. I'm creating these pieces and the energy used to create something real and honest and of great value, will be echoed in the price tag. Moving my books into a new market from craft fair to fine stationer is mt next goal. You get the preview at Flash. :)

Man! Am I excited.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Calligraphic Clouds

If I knew more about clouds, I'd create a series of envelope styles after each one. Maybe that's a direction I should carry my work towards. After looking deeply at the beautiful Bill Lily vlopes I blogged about recently, I tried on his hat and did some calligraphic cloud formations.... here are a couple. And MAN are they fun.

It remains to be seen whether my flourishes are best done quickly or slowly. I think both are possible, but my hand wants to go fast right now - so I am honoring that.