Monday, June 19, 2006

~:E M B R O I D E R Y:~

May I brag a little? This is Mia and if you'd like to see even more Mia pictures, click here. Looks like Peter and Glo are taking lots of and fun photos with thier new camera. I am jealous. Anyway - I embroidered a couple of shirts for her birthday. This is one of them. The detail in the work is nothing specail, but I love seeing her wear it. I also can't explain the expression on her face - but that it is darling and quirky in a way that only a 2-year-old can deliver. Looks like she is slowly being talked out of something. Or into. Anyway - yay for Mia!


minus five said...

she is so cute! she looks like a very animated little girl; one who would be very entertaining.

hey, what's the name of that doll she is holding? the biggest one? there was a person dressed up as her, standing on the corner of my street this weekend (along with elmo and sponge bob) and i couldn't remember her name. it made me feel old. and dumb.

i don't know why those people were dressed up and standing on the street corner because they weren't in front of a building where it would have made sense and they didn't have any signs or candy with them. they just kind of stood there and waved.

i stopped trying to make sense of most things i see up here a long time ago.

maryk said...

I think it's Dora the Explorer.

Anne Elser said...

Correctamundo! What's cool about Droa is that she is bilingual - spanish and english. Don't know that much about her - other than she's reeel big wid da kiddies. I think Mia likes her because they look alike, too!

Anonymous said...

That little girl is PRECIOUS! I adore my niece, too...something about them being related...somehow connected to you makes them irresistable! I love her glasses...reminds me of me....I got my first pair in 1st grade...yeah, I've always been a little geek.