Thursday, July 21, 2011

Address List Guide

Anne Elser Calligraphy Address List Guide

After you've reviewed what kind of etiquette guidelines you wish to follow (here's Crane's link to every etiquette question you can imagine), list and number your addresses as you want them to appear on your envelopes. List them in one column only and centered on the page without any other columns or notes. When numbering, you can put it on top of the address itself, so I know not to include it on the envelope. Numbering your list makes it easier for you and I to refer to a specific address quickly, if needed.
Your job will not begin until the address list is formatted in the manner you wish me to copy them.

My role in your envelope addressing is to provide technically accurate, legible, and aesthetically pleasing envelopes. If there are unmarked columns, unclear directions or handwritten notes in the list you provide me to copy, I must then attempt to interpret through the etiquette filter you have in mind, your intention for each address. My guess is not always accurate and misinterpretations are often made.

So before you provide your list, make sure it's one that I can literally copy word for word and line for line. Spell out words like Northwest, Road, and Street. Make sure the punctuation you provide falls within the etiquette standard you're comfortable with.

E-mail a PDF file of your list or provide a printed copy with your envelopes. If you have both outer and inner envelopes, list the outer first.

Mr. & Mrs. Han Solo
311 Bright Tree Base
Endor Station, Endor


Mr. and Mrs. Solo

Tom and Glenda Headcold

5678 Achoo Lane

Atlanta, Georgia


Tom and Glenda Headcold


The Honorable Padmé Amidala
Mr. Anakin Skywalker
36 Chommell Sector
Theed, Naboo


Ms. Amidala

Mr. Skywalker

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