Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calligraphy Class Praise

Testimonials: Anne Elser Calligraphy Classes:

"When I started your class I wanted to learn how to do calligraphy and do it perfectly. I was so tense and obsessed with getting it right that I actually broke out and was completely exhausted from holding my pen so tight. This was pressure I was putting on myself and it made me upset that I couldn't relax and just enjoy the process.

A couple of classes in, you started talking about how it was ok to make mistakes and that everyone had their own way, their own gift. Don't know why, but my fear went away and something started flowing out of me! There was an ease that I didn't have before. I gave myself permission to make mistakes and still see the beauty in it.

Thank you. Thank you so very much! Your work and your words truly made an impact.

Calligraphy is now therapeutic for me and such a joy!

I look forward to another class in the future. Take care and happy doodling."
~Shanda Strickland

Hi, Anne.

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful introduction to calligraphy.

Hopefully my girls will try a class in the future. I picked up a Lamy pen at Artlite (one of my favorite places in Atlanta for years....I have been following them every time they change locations always hoping that they will forever remain in business)

Calligraphy is such a wonderful art form. I hope you enjoy this beautiful spring we are having and will look forward to trying to take another class later this year if you are teaching one.

"In 2009, though a little nervous about the experience, I showed up to Anne's intro to italic calligraphy (i think that was the name - change the name if you need) at Binder's. I signed up right after a bad break up. I was seeking to escape my thoughts but also to better myself by learning a new skill I'd always been interested in. I found calligraphy to bring me into the moment and be very meditative. Once Anne taught us the the letters, I was able to get out my frustrations about the break up through song lyrics or whatever words I needed to use that day. I enjoyed the class so much, I signed up for the intro to copperplate calligraphy. I was no longer practicing this art for a specific reason, but for the sheer joy, relaxation, and focus it provided. Just a month later, I did a friend's wedding invitations. And now I make all of my own greeting cards! Anne was the perfect teacher -- She was patient, understanding, comical, helpful, and encouraging. I'd recommend her class to anyone! If I hadn't taken that first step of signing up and showing up to that first class, I would have never experienced all of the joys calligraphy has offered me."


“Anne is a great person to work with. She really knows what she is talking about and is an amazing artist.”
~Stuart Shapiro

"Thanks Anne for a great first class! I really enjoyed it and I'm so excited about learning from an amazing artist such as yourself." ~Anonymous

"Thanks so much for all of the great links, and especially for the wonderful class last night. I didn't quite know what to expect before I came to the class, but I absolutely loved it! It was very relaxing to me and FUN :-). I'm already looking forward to practicing this week and class next week." ~Anonymous

"Thank you for a great class. I can tell you enjoy what you do. Your work is beautiful and I have recommended calligraphy classes to some of my friends / family. Will look forward to the next class." ~Anonymous

“Anne is an excellent instructor in both calligraphy and bookmaking. She is able to teach students at their individual skill levels, making the classes interesting and challenging. She helps those she instructs to develop their own creativity.April 12, 2009

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