Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wull, as it turns out, you can't rent real porn from Netflix. This is the next best thing. Hmmmph.

So I've had a pretty nice day so far. I put on lipstick! And shaved my legs. Carefully. You know this weird thing happens to your body when you're on bed rest. I look different to myself in the mirror. I'm used to seeing myself smiling back at myself, being pregnant and all. But it's a little different now. I'm clutching my belly, I guess to protect myself. I dunno. I look pale. And the inside of my mouth gets really dry and pasty - no matter how much water I drink. Chapstick is my best friend.

One cool thing though is that my boobs are still big. Yay. Oh - and there's not so much laundry to do any more. Though, how would I know cause I'm not the one doing it any more. : ) Other nice thing is that because my feet are up all day, no more Miss Piggy ankles.

What's really nice are visitors. People are coming out of the woodwork to call or visit or bring food. It's really wonderful. A student came today bearing gifts. She even brushed Bjorn, which he loved. Thank you Rose. Mary came by with lunch from Wright's Gourmet. Thank you, Mary! And lemon cake. And squash soup. Mmm. Tomorrow Mr. Puckett's bringing some movies (NOT porn), his new little boy Ian and a burger from Wendy's. I am very excited.

Yesterday I did calligraphy and it was heavenly. Really made a difference in my day. I did a little bit more this afternoon and a client's coming by to pick up the work. Clients have been great, too. Very understanding. Very gracious. It's just been beautiful.

For an introvert, I am suddenly very interested in doing stuff. Talking on the phone. Listening more, TALKING more to people face to face.

Everyone says they know someone who's been on bed rest. And all have a good outcome to share. I am beginning to believe that this doesn't have to be so scary. I am making a life. Isn't a few month's sacrifice worth giving for that?

OK. Back to the porn.


Mary Campbell said...

...who needs porn when you have the drama of Tania's blog....I was thinking about getting a TV but I really don't think I'll need one if Tania keeps up these controversial blogs that summons her ex-relatives to comment.

Jason said...

You're the only person I know who's been on bed rest. Lyndsey had a fear of it, mainly because of potential lost wages, but she thought it might happen because she's a little lady and Ian was becoming a big baby.

maryk said...

pelvic rest!

Anne Elser said...

MaryK - I think this pornography documnetary constitutes as an alternative, er um goes nicely with pelvic rest.

MaryC - Her blog WAS way fun yesterday. I cannot imagine I'd be able to keep smug "I better go back to being a mom" comments on my blog, had an x-relative done that to me. Infuriating. The drama sure is entertaining, though.

Anne Elser said...

Steven - you've got us pegged. However, in reverse. Doug's the vanilla, I'm the perv. :)

Collin Kelley said...

Honey, if you want to see some good porn (gay, straight, bi), you just let me know. I've got a link for a free website thats got porn that will curl your hair. ;)

Anne Elser said...

And my toes?!!

What's the link? Do tell!

Collin Kelley said...

It's the spin-off of YouTube, which won't air dirty clips. this site has everything from clips of porn videos to homemade clips (which are always more graphic and bizarre).

Xtube is totally free. You only have to start an account (online name, password).

Anne Elser said...


The homemade clips are far more entertaining and gutsy, I agree. Tanks for the link!