Sunday, July 30, 2006

This one goes out to Mary.

Thanks for the encouragement, chicas.




Mary Campbell said...

I HATE that has ALWAYS repulsed me. I think I am going to go throw up now. Thank you, Anne.

minus five said...

i've never seen that picture before. it's awesome! i just got back from walking around in heat wave part two and once again, my pits are soaked... and so is the rest of me.

do you think there's a therapy group mary could join to deal with her pit phobia?

Nancy said...

so.....we're suppose to be "happy in our work"?

Darling daughter,
You look like something out of Bali Hai. sp?

Anne Elser said...


I am NOT ANYWHERE in that picture.

aud said...

lol. that is so funny that your mom thought that was you in the pic... And she still loves you!! That is so funny and disgusting at the same time.

Anne Elser said...

You're right Aud. It is funny and gross and I'd add SAD.

Annnd she still loves me. I like that.

Mary Campbell said...

how about posting a new blog so I am not subjected to viewing that awful photo everytime I try to avoid doing my work by reading blogs.

Collin Kelley said...

I just cannot escape the armpits!!!!