Monday, July 24, 2006

Hey, bed rest isn't so bad! Clizasses today went splendidly well. The first quarter group installed their first Emotive Type word experiments on the wall, followed by presentations of their flip book concepts. Hanging the dirty words in 2 weeks should be fun. Remind me to take those down, tho before inviting my grandmother over for tea. Anyhow, this sharp group catches on FIZAST! Fun to watch. Mick heated up some delicious soup and tossed a salad for my lunch before leaving. Such a nice guy.

Click here for more photos of our fun together.

Then came the 3rd quarter Type is Mass group. Also lotsa fun. We read scripts together before each person presented their concepts. Noah (now recovered from last week's emotional scarring) chose Scent of a Woman and won the prize for the most passionate delivery. He does a mighty convincing Al Pacino. Who knew? Hannah's type collages were beautifully done. She's doing Amelie with a twist of Art Nouveau flavor. That'll be fun. Everyone's delivery was great. So expect some great playbills this quarter. I'm excited!

Tomorrow we have the Calligraphy kids and will be focusing on the upper case letter forms. Then comes the Promotion Design class, who will be putting Apple to shame. Stay tuned.


Jason said...

I wonder if you'll still get upset with the First Quarter kids that don't get their homework done. Will the Elser Household ambience keep you sedated? I'll never forget that day from Week 2 of Emotive Type.

minus five said...

i know, i'm wondering the same. if you'll be capable of sending out your infamous emails in your current state of bedrest.

Anne Elser said...

You know - those are actually really good questions!
When I first started bringing BjornMouse to the school with me,
I noticed a mellowing in my mood. Something about holding a warm
furry thing in my lap allowed me to be a better negotiator. Or something.

I do very much remember that first class, Jason. Very unusual to have that
many 1st quarter students flake out on an assignment. But I do remember
everyone really shining by the end of the quarter.

As for "come to jesus" e-mails. It's been a while since I had to send one.
Thank goodness. Those are no fun to write. And telling the ugly truth to someone
isn't fun, either. I've often wondered how this quarter will go in my own living room.
What will confrontation or brutal honesty feel like on both ends when reclining on my
couch? I always play the balance between nurturing and pushing. How much to do of each and when.
Maybe it won't be that much different? I dunno. Should be interesting and keep me entertained
for months!

minus five said...

well, i think its good; nasty emails or not. good for you and good for the students. they are really lucky you didn't take the quarter off.

every freakin' time i wanted to take an infamous anne dusenberry class, you weren't teaching. i feel cheated. do you think i should get some of my tuition back? because i do.

you are probably both lucky. both you and the students. they get a change of atmosphere and a great teacher. you get visitors and emotional stimulation.

maryk said...

from far off, that one guy looks a lot like Peter! Don't you think?

Anne Elser said...

Tanks Minus and I regret never getting the chance to have class with you in it. I think when you were around, I took an entire year off from teaching so I could do my wedding stuff.

And Mary - you're right! Spooky!