Sunday, July 09, 2006

~:T A K I N G * I T * E A S I E R:~

Sunday afternoon UPDATE: We are home! Doing much better. Click here to see a little movie Peter made of us at the Hospital.

We checked in at Northside Hospital early yesterday morning at 3AM for bleeding. Little Bimp decided to give us a scare - or rather, my body did. I am still diagnosed with a partial placenta previa. When that happens, there's not too much you can do about it, other than taking it easier (no jumping jacks or plowing fields), kind of thing. Since everyone's body is different, despite my lack of emotional NEED for exercise, too much was too much for me. I had gotten nice and busy this summer with freelance work - and on top of teaching, it's too much for me at the moment. Not to worry about Bimp - he's fine, though I will be taking it much easier these days. Will be teaching my classes this quarter from home - so it'll be a fun party for all involved and I won't have to get up and go about, etc. But still be with my students, which makes me happy. Doug promises to make a fresh pot of starbuck's coffee for my morning classes and hey - you guys want to mess with the kitchen? Cool! Boris - give me a grocery list and feed us. And Mary? I hear you've got mad skills with home made pesto pizza or something?

I was just now given 2pills of Ambien, which I am told will help me sleep realy well. They are taking effect nowe as i'm badly typing.

The staff here have been stellar. Kind and assuring and straightforward when you need it. I feel very safe. We zipped in here at 3AM this mornin, was given a shot of steriods and will be given another shot at 11am which will increase Bimp;s chances if breathing better, shoud he arrive prematurely. He will have a good rate of survival, should that be the case. Then well have a chat before I leave about how well i did here and what portions of my work I can slack on - give up temporarily or what I can still safely do. I am hpoing the Docs will think having classes at my home would be swell. Truthfully I'd miss my students all too much not to teach at all - not to mention missing out on all the good conversations! I'll keep you posted.

Drugs rule! After no alcholhol for all these months, the Ambien theygace me are making me silly. SO Im real relaxed nd happy and fun.

This new room they put us in ROCKS. I ;m at the HILTON over here.

SO until we meet again , I am loving all of you and learning how t to a better job of letting the little stuff go, , relzax more, and not to have t be perfect.

I am sad about not taking Holgers; clss, tho. After just one class, I was hookrd right back into doing Tommy. .Lost 2 mights sleep over that promising concept, pulsing with excitemrnt . UNder the current curcumstances, i will takae his class a following quarter when I aam ready. Sorry Holger.

I will be cuttin way down the calligraphy and freelance design work. Learining to take it easy and let others help me more.
hard t o do.

getting real sleepy here.

Much love,,,

and Bimp


Doug Elser said...

Being a personal witness to Anne's Ambien-induced intoxication last night, I can tell you that I am suprised she put that many thoughts together.

After I got out of the shower last night, I came back to her bedside where she announced to me "you look like a girl." "What?" I replied. "You're all soft and pink and wow, you're like a girl. Let me touch you. Wow, your skin, it's is leather, it's skin. Wow, I'm so fucking high."

"Anne, baby, I think it's lights out for you"

This morning, we are feeling better. More sleep, and we're listening to Bimp's heartbeat just galloping along on the monitor right now. Very reassuring. All the doctors and nurses here have been very positive about his health -- he's TWO FREAKIN pounds right now, which is a little larger than average for this stage. Cool.

We are very optimistic that everything is going to turn out well. We feel your prayers and encourage many more of them!


minus five said...

i'm glad everything turned out alright with the trip to the hospital. i'm sure your students will do their part to make your life easier this quarter. and if they don't, i can always fly down to threaten them.

Mary Campbell said...

I am so glad you are okay! I am really looking forward to your class...even though I am going to now have to pack a cooler for the trek across Georgia ;) Hang in there and, for Bimp's sake, take it easy!!! See you next Tuesday!

Collin Kelley said...

Anne, glad everything is okay. Looking forward to more coherent posts. :)

Anne Elser said...

I have to tell you guys that the keyboard turned into a shot from the Matrix. It glowed, moved, undulated and colors looked like the result of some exaggerated photoshop job. I just couldn't see the keys after a while! Ridiculous.

You guys are pretty fucking wonderful to put up with my whining. I appreciate it more than you know!