Friday, July 28, 2006

~:T A S T E • M E:~

Dear Bimp Fans,

Went to the Dr. this morning for a check up ultrasound and got back these wonderful photos. I am feeling more at ease. Bimp has turned into the correct birthing position, though he's likely to move around and shift positions again as he's not as cramped as he will be in 3 months. His head is down and feet up. This photo is of his beautiful face. Little monkey was looking right at us. I can't tell if he's got a Doug or Anne face. Probably his mouth is from my side of the family - but does he have the Elser nose or jaw line - chin? Mom? Auntie Becky? Can you guys tell?

Next time we go back in 3 weeks to see if the placenta has moved. It still has not as of today. In fact, upon closer inspection, it appears to be a full placenta previa. That's not good. Things are still uncertain as to whether or not it will resolve. The closer we get to 37 weeks, the more we'll know about whether we'll have a c-section or not. We still have to be patient. Arrrg.

They congratulated me on making it to 28 weeks with no overly alarming symptoms. So my activity level is good. I have all my fine students to thank for that - as well as family and friends who have come over to help out. Every little thing you guys do ensures Bimp of a healthier birth and life. It's like every step I do not take on my feet counts as one less percent of a chance for complications. So I thank you all. We both do.

I can't tell you how amazing it was to see his little face. Looking right at me. His mouth moved open, then shut. His little body squirmed. He looked so very cozy up there on the screen. This little chubby boy in my tummy. And he did the cutest thing. He sucked on his arm. NOT his thumb. His arm! We saw his little tongue move, too. Boy, was he happy.

When my baby brother Peter was an infant, Mom used to "taste" his arm to get him to fall asleep. She'd give him little soft horse nibbles on the inside of his arm. Put him right to sleep. "Taste me?" he'd say after a story. Well, his little 2 year old daughter Mia does the same thing now. When she gets tired, she offers the inside of her arm to you. "Taste me!" She's a little more forceful about it. Cutest thing.

So you can't imagine what fun it was to drive home from the appt. and call Mom to tell her Bimp was tasting himself for us. Little hungry bird sure is half Dusenberry!

I am having a happy, happy day. I got to see Bimp.


Nancy said...

I'll study him some to look for any resemblances. Right now I just see that he's cute and fat.

Little sweet "Bimp" your Nanny loves you.

minus five said...

i'm happy for you guys that everything went so well today and congratulations on officially making it to the third trimester.

thanks again for telling us what we were supposed to be looking at in the photo; i can never figure it out on my own without somebody pointing it out. he looks very cute already.

Tania Rochelle said...

He almost makes me want another one.

k said...

Holla. C-Section babies Rock.

Obviously I am one.

Go C-Secs!

Mary Campbell said...

Adorable...absolutely adorable...he's going to look precious in those monogrammed sweaters, too.

Oh, jeeeezus, did I just say that? I am starting to sound like my mother...

Anne Elser said...

So K - I hear that c-section babies are pretty and don't come out bruised or shmushed because they don't have to squeeze through that impossible tunnel to get out there. I bet you were a lovely looking baby.

And Mary - we are supposed to sound more and more like our mothers every day. It's the law, you know.

aud said...

c section babies are cuter.. look at me :) I was a conehead when I was little, because I went head first, then came the c section. He looks adorabel even on that little image.

aud said...

adorabel = adorable (oops) maybe the c section wasn't such a good idea :)

Anne Elser said...

So were you a c-section, Steven?

I'm sure Bimp will discover the difference between the two (taste me/bite me) once he hits teenagerhood.