Thursday, September 07, 2006

~:3 4 • W E E K S & 2 D A Y S:~

Tuesday was a milestone folks! Making it to 34 weeks with a previa is huge. SO I'll take a bow. ((bowing))

The psychologist reminded me how important 34 weeks was, and how hard it's been to make it here. Though it feels like I am doing absolutely nothing but wait, I'm actually keeping things stable for Bimp. She told me to pat myself on the back. I have to admit, it feels a little better than complaining. And a little more constructive.

I have group today at 2-ish. Should be interesting as I might get to meet some new women today.

Below is the latest Ambien-influenced observation as Doug was tucking me in for the night:

your face looks like a plate of spaghetti with moustache

it's like a really nice diner in here. a really nice dining room. with a big chandelier

i like this place. this is a much nicer place than it was just a minute ago. it was like, poof, and it changed.

what's with all the crystal?

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minus five said...

and i would like to be set up on an ambien drip. can you put in a request for me? thanks.