Friday, September 01, 2006

~:B R O U G H T • T O • Y O U • B Y • T H E • M A K E R S • O F • A M B I E N:~

A: Your hands look like a bunch of castles.

D: Really.

A: Yes. It's like a puppett show.
One man Is grey and the other is pink.

D: (chuckles)

A: Listen here, Mr. Six Mouths.


Mr., Mr. Twelve Eyes.

Check out the latest of our Northside Hospital HRP stay photos and what Bimp sounds like when riding a horse!


minus five said...

dude, i'm going to have to come down there just to trip out in the hospital with you.

Mary Campbell said...

Save some of that Ambien for me and Aud when we come to visit...anything helps during studio week.

minus five said...

haven't you seen "girl interrupted?" they were able to get away with not taking medication in that movie and they were even in a mental hospital. mind over matter.

Tania Rochelle said...

I love this! You're going to be so glad you recorded this whole experience.

Like I tell Biggy every day when he's ragging me about blogging: If I get hit by a bus, you'll be happy you have this.

minus five said...

t: biggy will only be glad to have your blog when you die because i'm on it and i'm funnier than you.