Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today was a good day.

I went to group again and this time did NOT break down in front of everyone. But instead had good things to share. I told everyone about the amnio tomorrow morning and the possible delivery on Saturday. They all cheered for me! I also told the group about the two very positive dreams I had of Bimp. The chaplin mouthed the words THANK YOU to me after sharing. It seems every little bit of happy news and hope helps on this floor. I was happy to be able to give something today.

Some interesting news. I have a nurse tonight that recognized me from a month ago. "Ahhh, yes. You were the one who we couldn't discharge because your heart rate was up so high - like you were really anxious and upset about something." I told her that was the night I had Nurse Marva. And she said, "Ah yes. Marva can do that to people." So I'm not crazy.

Did I tell you that Doug's seen her twice and nodded a polite hello - she refuses to make eye contact with him. We're not sure if she's been instructed to do so, or if she's nervous or mad or what. Anyway. I think she knows we've got a nerf dart with her name on it in our room. He he.

I finished another hat for the Bimpster. This one reminds me of the little looney tunes martian guy who pointed his little lazer gun at Buggs Bunny. "You have made me verrry angry." I love the little helmet flaps.

I also got a pedicure today and actually managed not to squirm. I'm super ticklish, so it's a treat when I can relax enough and let someone massage my feet to the point of comfort. I think your prayers are working people.

Oh - and just so you guys know and don't worry about me: Yes, I've had a bowel movement today.


Nancy said...

I pray that tomorrow begins a new chapter. Countdown To Holding Biimp.
Darling daughter, I am with you
love, Mom

the hat is precious

Angie said...

Since you've divulged that you've had a movement today, I feel that I can come out of hiding. So glad group has gone well. I've been following your ups and downs via "anne pages" and just want you to know that you have continued to be in my thoughts. Also, I'm proud of you, darts and all. You're the best, Anne. Can't wait to meet the little whippersnapper. Best of luck tomorrow with the amnio as well as your bowels.

Anne Elser said...

thank you Angie, thank you Mom,

I'm showered and ready and waiting for them to come to my room. Feeling OK, actually! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,
I am so excited for you today! keeping my fingers crossed for you.its really getting closer! love reading about all your antics, you have a wonderful sense of humour and that is huge in dealing with struggles.
can't wait to hear how everything goes and hopefully see the little guy very soon
lots of love to you

Mary Campbell said...

That hat is PRECIOUS!! I'm so excited for you...almost there :)

Doug Elser said...

not that anyone cares, but i had a bm yesterday, too. prodigious and non-smelly, as always.

Mary Campbell said...

Anne...I think, for the sake of Doug's sanity, you need to have this baby soon... :-)