Wednesday, September 06, 2006

~:M I S S I N G • B J O R N:~

So as many of you know, Doug brought Bjorn by the hospital the other day after fully recovering from his bladder surgery to say goodbye to me. Yes, I cried and yes, it was SO good to see him and YES, now that he's not in any pain, he's a different dog. He had gotten snappy and whiney and bossy and I thought it was just an attitude thing. He had even lost weight, which was another sign of the stress he was under. No wonder why he didn't want to be picked up anymore or cuddled. He was in pain! I'm very relieved to have this chapter in his little life over.

The way they do introductions at Camp Tallis (where he was Bjorn and raised, (har har) is by scent. They brought the little monkey in the play room and kept him in his crate for all to sniff and meet him - each dog at his own pace.

This little video shows part of that event - lots of little doggies and puppies. They're too cute for words.

A bit more good news today: they're putting in an order for an air mattress for me to make my stay here more comfortable. I have developed knee pain since being here and they say this new mattress will help with that - mold to my body more. This makes me feel special.

We had a bit of a scare last night, but it turned out to be nuthin. I had this fabulous new charge nurse with a low and comforting voice. She was so calm and non-patronizing and low key. I hope I have her again tonight.

And although I had nurse Kim again today, we got a long much better. I did not feel like crawling out of my skin, which I cannot explain. Maybe someone out there was praying for me or I ate the right thing for lunch. I dunno. But overall, today was better. I hope for a repeat performance tomorrow.


Anne Elser said...

Forgot to mention that this is not a permanent goodbye! Just long enough for Bimp to come and for us to settle at home again.

Doug Elser said...

that is, without a doubt, the single cutest picture of a dog, ever. we have got to start tricking that pap out.

minus five said...

anne, i threatened kim today. i'm glad she took my words seriously.

Mary Campbell said...

I sent Kim a box of cat turds in the mail as well...I think we may have taken care of that nasty attitude problem.

Roger said...

check out bjorge salielser (name cred: lars) on alena's page. hilllarious.