Friday, September 22, 2006

~P I E C E • O F • C A K E:~ Good morning! The amnio was easy cheesey - over really quickly and boy was it smooth. I was more relaxed than I thought I would be. Dr. Eller was amazing. Masterfully calm and confident. I was picturing scrubs and monitors and a flurry of nervous people. This experience has done a lot to boost my confidence in the staff here. My first real procedure having gone so well makes me think the c-section will, too.

Bimp measured at 6 pounds, 2 ounces this morning. He is looking just fine and has a little bit of short hair already. The needle draw felt just like a shot and I was aware of a little cramping, but nothing bad at all. Just a sensation of something being there. I breathed and repeated the word reeeeelaaaaax to myself a couple of times, which really helped. I think I'll try the same technique when they prep me for surgery.

I am to take it easy today. We should know by this afternoon or evening what the results are of the amnio. Dr. Eller said the fluid looked nice and cloudy - which means there was plenty of stuff in there to get a reading. A good sign.

I'll post later with results. Thanks everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts. We are excited!!!!


Doug Elser said...

anne was a true rockstar.

i, however, vomited all over the doctor.

Mary Campbell said...

As a faithful, loving and supportive husband, that is the least you could do...Anne, you are one lucky woman!

I am so excited for you guys...Bimpster is almost here!

Mo said...

yea, it's harder to watch than actually having it done! I'm excited for you guys, you're almost there. Meagan and Kate were both about 6lbs 7oz, so he'll be a cute little thing!