Thursday, September 14, 2006

Might we fantasize about some things to do with Bimp when he comes?

I'd like to bring him to the school and set him up on Hanks desk. Have Bimp dance to something wild.

I want to play all kinds of music GOOD music to him and help him move to the beat - make little videos of
him dancing. I want to make a PC vest for him so he and Bjorn match.

I want to make him a new costume every month. Outrageous ones tha are one of a kind and that no other kid has.
I want to do murals with him. Make candy with him. Teach me how to throw the ball.

I'd like to start focusing on the near future of sharing him with the world very soon - cause that makes this waiting a little more bearble. It;s not so bad once you plan events and parties and stuff.

OK YES, I just took an Ambien but STILL, I can fantazise can't I???


Nancy said...
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Doug Elser said...

i promise not to delete my comment. it's so much fun to think about the things that i'll do with our boy in the future. i see men with their little boys and i think "hmmm, he might be a decent dad, but he's not going to teach his child the finer points of launching bottle rockets from a balcony after having lit them off the stove." you hear me steven?

Anne Elser said...

this morning mom told me what a nice post this was. I have no memory of making it. looks like ambien took over and poof, i got hopeful.

i am going CRAZY!!

Mo said...

you can start by making his first Halloween costume!

Doug Elser said...

i don't think the balcony is important uhles. as long as the child has a mildly dangerous explosive projectile in their hands, a hot stove (electric is better than gas, as the uncertainty of knowing the exact moment of ignition lends another level of anxiety than an easily-accessible gas flame cannot provide. but i digress), a distance of at least 10 yards to travel, a couch and a table to hurdle, with a closed sliding door at the other end to further impede a safe escape, and of course, a good buzz...the elevation at the other side of the door is actually quite irrelevant.

i mean, come on steven, you don't want to put your child into any undue risk.