Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is Virgin, part of the smallest set of paintings I did for FLORA at the Kai Lin Art gallery in Midtown.

She approaches every experience as a new one, and possesses the gift of being a beginner. Her expectations are created within each moment and are enough to keep her fully in them, rather than from a results-driven perspective.

She wears an ermine coat edged with hand-made lace. She is reborn in every single moment. She is egoless and just now beginning to come into color.

Her pages are empty and fresh and clean and white. She is on the verge of filling them with all her thoughts and drawings, yet recording everything isn't as important to her as experiencing the moment. Filling takes time to separate from the moment and to assume a judgement.

She is so at peace, she has no idea others see her as enlightened. Classification doesn't matter to her.

She simply IS.

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