Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have learned to laugh more. So has Flora. When we laugh, our whole body changes. We get flushed. We warm up. Our core feels lighter, we feel the vibrations of every chuckle throughout every cell in our body. Those vibrations can be global, too. Seeing others laugh makes me respond in kind - or at least want to.

The "speech bubbles" you see are hiccoughs of laughter moving across the surface of Flora's body, as well as inside of her. She is smiling. Her teeth are like little gems of candy - sweet and cheery.

Flora's laughter fills her with joy. She is ready and open for the next wave to hit her, flow through her.

Laughter is enough and needs no explanation, no grounding, no sense of purpose other than it happening. Laughter heals, like a cat purring to speed up its own healing processes. We laugh to bond us to each other, we laugh to heal.

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