Tuesday, April 05, 2011


No, this piece is N O T going into Flora. Yu-Kai would have a heart attack. So I gave this instead to my brother Peter who turned 40 in March.

Peter and I share a long history of bathroom talk and dirty words. I remember Mom telling us that those were "bathroom words: poop, fart, farty fart face, pee, peenie, boobs, etc" and so we shrugged shoulders and hung out in the bathroom snickering into the mirror saying as many bathroom dirty words as we could manage before dinner.

Yep. Growing up with Peter and Tommy was pretty fucking awesome when it came to bathroom humor, slapstick comedy, inappropriate stories and comments, practical jokes and more. And no kidding, but my own mother showed us how to make your own poop. NO, not the real stuff. Fake poop out of pumpernickle bread, water and a few pieces of corn. Very realistic!

Anyway, I digress. Back to my story. After grad school I started needlepointing and began to make my own patterns. This one I did right before I met Doug (current husband who also loves potty humor, bless his heart) and I never got it framed. Ten years later Peter turns 40 and I've got the perfect excuse to finally finish the project.

A beautiful Fart pillow that I am told looks beautiful in his house.

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