Friday, April 08, 2011


And this is GARDEN.

My Dad has a green thumb and I think I got some of his gift. I really hate getting dirty, but love the feel of dirt in my hands as I garden. Holding a plant in my palms and decorating the ground or a pot with texture, height and color is really very fun. And calming. I always feel centered after planting things.

So the calligraphic elements you see on my envelopes have resurfaced in many different ways. Swirls and swoops and flourishes and cusps are all the same really - they arrive in different media, they are god speaking to us in the very language we each know intuitively.

This is my garden, and I am that plant. I am those seeds that wait patiently for their turn, who negotiate their arrival above ground with every change of season. I am that patient seed who comes too early and decides to wait for another turn to come back. I am that tree whose root system gets bigger in the winter while at the surface is as quiet as a whisper. I creak in the bleak wind and ache to show the fruit of my efforts to someone who will notice my hard work.

I listen. Wait. Emerge and reach towards light.


Catherine said...

Hi Anne,

Really enjoying these paintings and your accompanying words. Love "Garden"! Congrats on completing all this work for your show....Good luck! Gloria

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Anne, Apologies....the above comment is actually mine, but my daughter and I were both signed on to google and I mistakenly sent it as her! But all is good, because I've now scrolled through several Flora paintings that I had not previously seen and there are MANY lovely piecess! And isn't it interesting how many paintings within a painting you discover when you start zooming in and cropping?

Anne Elser said...

Hi Gloria,

No problem!
And yes - zooming and cropping really fertilize a thought!