Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Somewhere in my memories of growing up I decided it was easier to deny my feminine side and remain in shame, rather than embrace my innate power as a female to create life from the simple ability to be alluring. Creating pieces for Flora has helped me heal a great deal of that shame, where my sexuality can remain less in shadow and celebrated more.

Flora here is wearing a blue dress with scalloped edging. Her underwear is pristine white cotton and she's lifting her dress to show you a little skin, a little lingerie (pretty pumpkin colored silk slip) and the depth in between her legs.

Her desire is as big as the horizontal view of the landscape her body suggests. Limitless blue sky with creamy subtle formations of clouds just beginning, a few crops planted to the left suggest some organization on her part - just how much to reveal to you herself and in what order to the layers begin to peel.

She is having a great amount of fun here, teasing you with her performance.

Flora can feel you watching her.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I enjoyed watching Flora's performance!

Anne Elser said...

Flora loves to flirt. Thanks for watching!