Friday, April 29, 2011

The Naughty Girl Journal

This piece is almost finished. A commission for Paper Doll Pin Ups, via a special order for Monica Loren, this journal is a prototype of more to come. Can be used as a scrapbook, personal or punishment journal or diary of all your naughtiest (or not) thoughts, pictures, musings and otherwise. Each of these journals can be customized for the user on the cover and inside cover, where we dedicate the piece to the end user by including their name and even a "from your...."

Price has yet to be estimated, but you can bet your stinging fanny it'll reflect the hours and love given to each and every detail.

Fun, fun, fun! Photo shoot to follow!

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Anne Elser said...

Just added final shots to the FB album on the Anne Elser Calligraphy page. The ink I used was FW liquid acrylic grey and black with a teenie tiny brush. Painted directly on washi paper. Sexy as hell!