Thursday, April 07, 2011

One Moment

This is my most layered Flora painting called One Moment.

In one single moment there is layer upon layer of detailed memories, emotions, present and past, within each person and their body, within a conversation between you and your higher self, between your past and present, between you and the person sitting next to you, the mail carrier down the street, the elements around you, all of your senses, your dreams, the things your body remembers and holds onto... all of it - ALL of these things have a greater purpose and it is their destiny to collide. That is friction, that is action and we can barely manage to wrap our heads around one single element. Our worlds are so vast and complex and we see only what we are meant to see and understand.

The painting is a snapshot of the layers I feel I CAN see. That is it's gift. To reveal to us commonalities and metaphors that help reveal us to ourselves. And I cannot tell you much more than that. I see One Moment as bursting with sunlight, as awakening, as a mixture of so many elements I love about my own femininity - needlework, lips, kissing, flowers, tatted lace, hooks and fasteners, motherhood, childhood, scalloped edges, mouths and teeth, fine fingers, spring pink, blushes, freckles, lingerie, lipstick, smiles.

The one moment began as my earliest memory - reaching for light and the colorful burst of pretty flowers, calling what it did to my face, naming my forehead my "happy." This is unashamed, unfiltered, undiluted happiness and joy. It is not afraid to change the painting, to allow the body to move and shift and settle into finding its posture of comfort within the frame.

My heart is open to this very moment.

To see One Moment for yourself, come to the opening Friday, April the 15th at Kai Lin Art. 7-10PM.

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puggerhugger said...

stunning! love love love!