Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dinky Dip Source Revealed!

Hi Calligraphy Friends,

I did a bit of research and found the exact source for the Dinky Dip containers we've all been using. There is a labware company who makes them out in CA named Evergreen Scientific.

You can order 1000 containers (called sample cups) for about $15.00 and 1000 lids for about$15.00. That's quite a bargain! 

John Neal Books & Paper Ink Arts sell a pack of 8 to you for about $3.00. The holder is nothing more than a piece of pine with four holes drilled through the top. If you want to make your own holder, just go buy a flat sponge and cut two slits in the shape of an X into one side when it's wet. Then shove the dinky dip holder into the slits and you have a very sturdy holder than won't tip over.

Here is the website and product info:
Evergreen Serum Cups & Disposables:
127-1002-010 sample cups
300-1006-020 caps

Happy inking everyone!


Jane Farr said...

Wow! You are a great sleuthhound - this is very helpful. I use these every day. :-)

Anne Elser said...

Isn't it cool!? I love beating the system. :)