Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lisa Holtzman Calligraphy

I have just found her and MAN does her work inspire me. There are some typographic character studies she's done of the Harry Potter cast that really speak volumes. (no pun intended.)

Ron is my favorite - the young man with a flourish who is still finding his voice - admits to the struggle but still brave enough to put himself out there. I look at this and see his voice breaking and feel for him - brave young man! 

Please check out Lisa Holtzman's blog and Flickr photo stream. Get ready to be moved. 
See what happens when you love what you do!? Her life can be yours, friends. Love what you do.


Lisa Holtzman said...

Oh my gosh Anne, I am SO honored! It's so nice to have my lettering recognized and appreciated, thank you.

Anne Elser said...

You're so welcome Lisa! Your work really is inspiring.