Sunday, April 05, 2009

New Advanced Calligraphy Class

• Calligraphy 2:
Apr. 22 - May 27
6 Session Class
Wed. evenings 6-8:30PM

I have good news for those of you who have already taken a Copperplate or Italic class from me and feel stuck - staring down that blank stack of envelopes with no idea how to tackle all that space. 

Introducing Calligraphy 2: an advanced calligraphy class designed for those who already know the fundamentals of any calligraphic face and are ready for the challenge of applying the words to the page. Whether you are addressing envelopes, laying out a certificate, document or quote of any size, this class will help you understand the concept of hierarchy on a page, drama, stable compositions and balance of elements. You will also be encouraged to take the plunge into the world of flourishing!

Experimenting with color, guache, inks and paper is also encouraged. Bring in your free spirits and let's have fun!

Supplies needed:
Pencil, ruler, eraser, Canson Pro Layout Marker Pad: 9 x 12" or larger, envelopes (any size or color), inks and nibs needed for whichever typeface you're using.

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Lisa Holtzman said...

Anne, your calligraphy is beautiful! I love your personal style.