Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is a painting my grandfather Harvey Thomas Anderson painted of me at the beach. We called him Bopie. And oh how we worshiped him. He was the greatest grandfather ever and really made his presence known. But better than that, he made YOUR presence known to him while swooning every time you entered a room he occupied. He was attentive and fun and crazy and smart. 

He's been very present while I've been working with Debra. Here are some of the things he's said:
In my family (he's talking about me here), no template existed for refined artistic purity. I (Anne)  abandoned my artistic spirit once at 4 years old and again, sealing the deal at 8 years, 3 months. Anne came with a clear feminine energy that was all hers. 

Anne: You are safe now. Your body is strong enough now. My body - my vessel can accommodate this knowledge now. In my past, it only seemed like I was a victim. I'm not any longer. Do not fear. Keep doing the work. I can learn. I am self contained now. It's ok. I can really let go.  I'm on my way to self love. To selfhood. 

I love the sound of that. SELFHOOD.

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