Sunday, May 20, 2007

~:Y O U N G • F R A N K E N S T E I N:~

Well my hands are killing me and I can barely type - having screwed in a third of the fence pickets today. I must say, the fence is looking splendid. It's taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. It adds a lot of charm to the house. And I am loving doing such physical work. We've built this with our own hands. I'm really proud of my work. Happy to remember I'm not in the hospital anymore. Yes, that thought pops into my head every day. STILL!

Anyway - the reason I've posted tonight is not to talk about the fence. But the above movie clip from an old Mel Brooks classic and one of my all time favorite movies, Young Frankenstein. Everything about this movie is perfect. The romantic lighting, the humor, slapstick loveliness - even the music is wonderful. My grandmother told me once that the only thing better than watching Young Frankenstein is watching ME watch it. I apparently laugh and laugh hard.


minus five said...

sometimes it's so nice to have to do physical labor out in the yard. i don't want to do it all the time and i don't want to be made to do it, but sometimes it just feels good. when i go home, i usually try to mow my dad's lawn. because i don't like him to have to do it, but also because i never get to mow a lawn anymore and sometimes i miss it.

Anne Elser said...

I think our muscles thank us when we put them to good use.

A Citizen said...

So many great lines from that film- Just got the entire Mel Brooks box set from my brother- YF is still the best..."Roll, Roll, Roll in the Hay!"