Thursday, May 17, 2007

~:T H E • W O R K • O F • L I F E:~

Life's pretty hectic these days at the Elser home. Bjorn has another bladder stone and will have to have surgery pretty soon. Poor guy has been acting out again and now we know why. We are switching vets from Pets Are People, Too to the Village Animal Cinic. PAPT's prices for the surgery were OVER HALF the price of what the other vet is charging.

We are still working on the fence. It's looking splendid but is taking a long time to complete. Above you see a lovely picture of DougieFresh digging holes in the ground.

Anton is sick as well with an ear infection. Poor guy. I'll take him to the doc today and Doug will come home to take care of him while I teach.

Kisses to everyone!


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