Saturday, May 12, 2007

~:T A H • D A H ! !:~

So Mom and I put Anton on the kiddy potty the other day to get him used to the idea of pooping while sitting in a chair. Since he produces the most beautiful poops right after breakfast, we figured we could sit him right down and just wait. The potty chair we have requires batteries. The chair has a light sensor in the bowl. So when the good stuff drops down and passes the sensor, it sings a little magical, sparkly tune to congratulate you. "Tahhh Dahhhhh!"

Mom puts Anton down on the potty and waits. We hear several "Taaaaahhh Dahhhhhs" in a row. But there's nothing in the bowl.

"Hmmmm. I think this chair is malfunctioning!" Mom says.

We wait and it happens again. "Tahhhh Dahhhh!"
But nothing's there.

So we bend over and inspect every angle of the chair. Anton's just sitting there watching the two of us bend and rustle.

Then we figure it out. The chair is in perfect working order after all. The light sensor is not sophisticated enough to establish the difference between brown, yellow or pink. All along, it was singing to the sweet descent of Anton's little (or should I say big?) peaches in the bowl.

Tee hee!! Doug could NOT be more proud.

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Doug Elser said...

Anton hangs low, like his daddy.