Monday, May 28, 2007

This post goes out to all the people who said that once I had my baby, I'd lose all my spare time, my plants would die, I'd never sleep again, bake bread again or have the time to keep kniting. This photo is proof that balance can be achieved with a little juggling, help from family, and inspiring play time with my new friend, MilkFace. So! You're looking at an almost finished pair of beaded fingerless mitts. The pattern came from Interweave Knits. Knitted with machine washable varigated sock yarn and strung with a certain number of beads before you begin the pattern, you're all set to go. As you knit, you move the beads along and slide them into place for certain stiches. This pattern also features a "dropped" stitch - where you wrap the yarn over two or three times before knitting each stitch, then when knitting the other side, simply drop the extra wraps and you get this lacey long stitch.

These are soooo comfortable. Snuggly and tight. Look out Fall - here I come. Next I better start knitting a winter cap for Anton.

PS. All my plants DID die, but I made new ones to take care of. I DID lose sleep, but now take naps with Anton when I can, so I'm getting plenty and he's now sleeping a full 11 hours at night. SUCH a good boy. AND I still bake bread. Not every week - but enough to keep those extra pounds I gained intact. :)


Doug Elser said...

Anne made a pair for me to use while I'm working on the cars. A nice, heavy-duty, wash-and-wear angora.

Anne Elser said...

Gosh, Rodrigo. I coudn't have said it better myself. Thanks.