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Left Handed Hourglass Adjustable Oblique Pen Holder!

2. 13. 2012

I'm adding a word from Jennifer Allen at Paper Ink Arts. I double checked with her about ordering and she added that the holders will be up on the web soon. Yay!

Yes, that procedure is fine! They can also just add to web orders in the comment section at the end of the web ordering process, and we will add it when we manually process the order. We hope to have the holders on the website soon; we now have plenty in stock!"

Best regards,
Jennifer Allen
Paper and Ink Arts

Hourglass Adjustable Oblique

Many of my copperplate calligraphy students have lamented over the fact that there is a serious lack of beautiful wooden hand turned oblique pen holders available for those who favor the left hand. 

I have good news!

Last week a left-handed student arrived in my class with a beautiful wooden Hourglass Adjustable Oblique holder for the left hand. I about fell over. She purchased it from Paper & Ink Arts but had to send them an email requesting the left handed version, as they do not offer this pen on line. (The link above is the right handed pen.Make sure to call them or email to specifically ask for the left handed pen.)

This is fabulous news. While this penholder is not cheap ($40.95) I DO think it's an honorable and wise investment, as there is nothing quite like writing/drawing with a tool that's well-made and with natural materials. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and your fingers deserve a luxury once in a while. :)

If you order this pen, also order some walnut ink crystals, while you're at it. The two work beautifully together, especially when used on beautiful paper. Try a sheet of Arches hot press water color paper and watch your heart swoon. 

Thank you Paper & Ink Arts!

Item # hourgl
Description - This beautiful and functional holder features a waterproof, wood/resin handle for many years of use, a comfortable hourglass handle and the versatile adjustable flange which hold all nibs securely. Thanks to Joe Vitolo for suggesting that we combine the best qualities of our Oblique Holders and for his advice on how to set the angle of this terrific holder! Joe recommends it highly! Rosewood color. (Nib not included.)

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