Friday, February 03, 2012

Anne Elser Calligraphy Mailing List

Let's stay in touch! If the following statements are true for you, you should probably subscribe your smart self to this list.

 • I have inkgasms frequently and can't stop thinking about beautiful letterforms.

 • I have been a student of Anne Elser and want to stay in touch.

 • My current domestic partner thinks I wake up in the morning for them. This is not true. I live for ink, color and letterforms, and I know Anne will keep my secret safe with her, because my CDP gives really good back rubs, cleans up cat throw up, and helps me balance my checkbook.

 • I took a class with Anne Elser and want to stay in touch.

 • Hello, my name is ________. I am an Inkaholic and have been for ___ years.

 • Anne has a crush on me and I fear for her happiness, should I stay out of touch.

 • Oh, Jesus, just sign me up already.

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