Thursday, February 23, 2012

Painted Frakteur


This is work from Reggie Ezell's 2012 Atlanta course.  Falling in big love with Blackletter and its variations. Frakteur is my fave so far and the caps are to die for. Studying those is next on my list. We're using Windsor and Newton watercolors, mixed with a brush and thinned in a shallow dish. Your nib is dipped in this and used as ink. I'm having a blast! I'm sure there are all kinds of errors all over the place, but what I'm trying to concentrate on is flow and swing, strength and meaning.

Worked on Anton's name this morning. Hunny Bunny is looking lovely in teal and umber. :) I keep thinking of blue eggs with lovely brown spots.

I have big plans for our first set of projects. Will combine them all in a small coptic book that uses the story of Sir Galahad as a metaphor for my brother's life and death. I cannot wait to get started. Tommy sat with me during the first day of Reggie's class. I couldn't shake him. So I scooted over and let him fill my thoughts. He's a great workshop partner. :) Stay tuned!


Catherine Langsdorf said...

I was wondering what nibs you are using?
I was able to attend a Fractur workshop by Barbara Calzolari. She was delightful. You can see what I was able to accomplish in a short time @ Will look forward to seeing more of your work!

Anne Elser said...

HI Catherine. You do lovely work!

I used a Brause for these practice pieces. LOVE that nib.

I took a fractur workshop with Barbara also here in Atlanta and she blew my mind. LOVED her. Right now am taking what I loved from both her and Reggie's approaches and combining them.

She's coming back here this summer for a workshop called From Nib to Brush. I'm beyond excited!