Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Nib to Brush with Barbara Calzolari

Friends! Barbara Calzolari is coming to Atlanta again this summer (August 2012) for an even more fabulous workshop in Pointed Pen Variation - this time with a twist. She's showing us how to use the brush as if it were performing as a nib. She's uploaded many short videos of this technique with a Pentel Brush Pen (and many other tools) and they're all fascinating to watch. 

Her workshop is a long and mighty three days long, that begins with a lecture called Passion for Calligraphy on Thursday evening (which you can purchase separately if you can't attend the workshop.) She is an amazing calligrapher, whose work has been broadened profoundly by life experience. Grace, movement, and strength are the three things that stand out when I feel through her work and watch her in action. She creates a "living letter" with hands connected by the same.

To sign up for this class, read the information below and if you've got any questions, please contact either me (anne@anneelser.com) or Jacob Gunter (jacob@bindersart.com), the Education Director at Binders. 

The class is geared toward the advanced beginner or intermediate advanced. This means you'll need to have had a solid introduction to copperplate or anything pointed pen. There are classes all over Atlanta in the pointed pen (copperplate, spencerian, etc) and I'd have at least taken one of these classes before you take Barbara's Nib to Brush. 

Here are a couple classes taught by me that are still available for registration: 

And if you go to the FOTA (Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet) website, you'll find a many great links to classes offered all over the city at your disposal. We are a strong group of friends and calligraphers who all have something beautiful to offer.

If you'd like to take part in Barbara's daily inspiration, friend her on Facebook, tell her you've signed up for her class, and watch your newsfeed come to LIFE. By the time August rolls around, you'll be ready to take the deep plunge into her soulful world and you'll be changed forever! 

From Nib to Brush 8/2 (ARTZ1188)

Variation on Pointed Pen with Italian calligrapher Barbara Calzolari will be a once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed! Delve into the understanding of lines that become letters with pencil, letters with the oblique pen holder and nibs, focus on words...spacing between them, space between lines and how to give power to a simple text. Look at the object that can live a second life with our writing. Why not inside a coat, on a cigar box, on the pillow or your cat? Calligraphy can be wherever you envision it to be! Learn how to write with a round brush and ink to fit your desired surface. Celebrate your new found expressions at the end of class with merriment and presentation of your work! 

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